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The detailed process of getting a birth certificate in India by NRIWAY

The detailed process of getting a birth certificate in India by NRIWAY

If you are an Indian and are expecting a child soon, you must understand the process of obtaining a birth certificate for your kid.

Applying for a birth certificate soon after your kid is born is very straightforward, but it can get hard if you wait too long. So let's go through some specifics that will assist you with registering for your child's birth certificate.

The Municipal Corporation/Municipal Council issues a Birth Certificate in urban areas. In contrast, the authority in rural areas is the Tehsildar at the Taluka level and the Gram Panchayat Office at the village level.

birth certificate in India

The process to apply for a birth certificate in India

Step 1: The registrar's office can provide you with a Birth Certificate Registration Form (from your municipal authority).

Step 2: The medical officer in charge supplies the paperwork after a child is born in a hospital.

Step 3: Fill in the form within 21 days of the child's birth.

Step 4: If a birth is not recorded within 21 days after the event, a birth certificate is provided following police verification.

Step 5: After the registrar has verified the birth records (date, time, place of birth, parent's ID proof, nursing facility, etc.), the birth certificate is issued to the applicant.

Step 6: 7 days after applying for a birth certificate, follow up with the local administration to acquire the birth certificate.

Step 7: After presenting a self-addressed envelope at the municipality office, the birth certificate is mailed to the relevant address within 7-14 working days.

What is the fee for birth certificate in India                                

A birth certificate costs 20 INR to register, plus a late charge if you apply after 21 days after the child's birth. What documents does one require for such an application? -Parents birth certificates, Marriage certificate of the parents, Proof of birth letter in hospital, Parents' identity proof (for verification). 

How to apply for a Birth Certificate in India?

Because the Indian government has made a huge push into the digital domain, acquiring a birth certificate by the old-fashioned method may be time-consuming.

A few major cities now feature an easy-to-use online registration service for obtaining a birth certificate. In addition, you may look up whether your city or town fits into that group online.

Online Registration Process for birth certificate in India         

  • The following is the procedure for obtaining a birth certificate in India using an internet website:

  • Visit for further information.

  • Look to the left for a Sign-Up button.

  • Go to the 'General Public' sign-up page and fill out the form to register.

  • The Signup box will display as a pop-up. Fill in all of your legitimate information in this box, such as your username, user ID, district or town/village, cell phone number, date of birth, and so on.

  • If the field of the Registration Unit shows the username and is active, it signifies that your area is available for online registration.

  • Enter the verification code and then click the Register tab.

  • Following registration, a Thank You message will appear, along with a prompt to check your email address to confirm the registration.

  • Examine your email inbox. It will prompt you to create a new password for login

  • Set it up and sign in again.

  • A form will appear where you may enter your child's name, their parents, and the location.

  • Please fill it out and return it within 24 hours.

  • Print it off and save a soft copy to your PC.

  • Visit the Registrar's office in your district.

  • Get the form certified by him or the Sub-Registrar.

Offline Registration Process for birth certificate in India

  • To register a birth certificate in India using an offline approach, follow the steps outlined below, which explain how to obtain a birth certificate from municipal authorities.

  • Visit the local municipal corporation office to obtain a birth certificate registration form.

  • Submit the letter that was issued to you by the hospital's medical in-charge at the time of your baby's birth.

  • You must now complete the form within 21 days after your child's birth.

  • Following that, the office will check information such as birth date and time, parents' names, gender, residence, nursing home/hospital, and so on.

  • The birth certificate will be mailed to you within 7 to 15 days if all of the verification steps are completed.

  • Follow up with the office after seven days to be sure.

  • Provided you have a self-addressed envelope, you may be able to acquire the birth certificate within a week if you provide a self-addressed envelope.

  • If your baby's birth is not recorded within 21 days, police verification will be performed to issue it, as ordered by the tax authorities. This normally takes longer, so you should apply for your baby's birth certificate as soon as they are delivered.  

Why is a Birth Certificate important?

The birth certificate is required for a kid to be enrolled in school or college, get hospital care, and establish inheritance and property rights. It is a child's first right and helps to shape their identity. It is required for the following processes:

  • Establishing age for insurance reasons

  • Proving parentage

  • Age proof for employment

  • Age proof for marriage

  • Admission to schools/colleges

  • Establishing age for enrolling in Electoral Rolls

  • Registering in NPR (National Population Register)

  • Application for a passport

  • Immigration requirements (like getting a green card)

A person who does not have a birth certificate will not be recognised as an Indian citizen and would not receive all benefits and rights.

So, remember to obtain your child's birth certificate as soon as possible following their delivery!

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