Single Status Certificate for Non-Resident Indians in Netherland

Single Status Certificate for Non-Resident Indians in Netherland

Single Status Certificate for Non-Resident Indians in Netherlands 

What is a Single Status Certificate?

A Bachelorhood or Single Certificate is a personal document for someone who wishes to marry in another country. In the Netherlands, the Bachelorhood or Single Status Certificate is granted by the SDM or competent court having authority over the applicant's residence location. It can take the form of an affidavit or certificate notarized by SDM, which must be attested by the Home Department of the relevant state. Thus, it must be apostilled or attested by the Attestation Section of the Ministry of External Affairs' (CPV) Consular Passport and Visa Division in New Delhi.

A Bachelorhood or Single Status Certificate is a legal document that must be obtained. The verification of a Bachelorhood or Single Status certificate is critical in verifying an individual's identity. The method of attestation is carried out by the native government, which allows permission to visit the nation from abroad. To get a VISA or provide certified papers, the government of the relevant nation demands proof that you are an eligible candidate. The authentication procedure for Single Status Certificate attestation in India is time-consuming and tedious.

Why is a Single Certificate required? 

A Bachelorhood or Single Status Certificate is necessary to prove that he or she is single. To avoid fraudulent bachelorhood/single status certificates, most foreign countries demand persons to authenticate their approved single status paperwork. It is mandatory for an individual who wants to marry a person from another country to be eligible for marriage. If a divorced or widowed individual intends to remarry, he or she must provide the confirmed papers.                            

What is the procedure to get a Single Certificate for Netherlands?

As previously stated, obtaining a Bachelorhood or Single Certificate Attestation in the Netherlands takes time and is not a quick procedure. Before the final testimony, there are a few critical measures to do. First, a notary does the attestation, which is followed by attestation by the consulate or embassy.
Then, for Bachelorhood or Single Certificate Attestation in the Netherlands, the following processes are taken:                            

  • Notary Attestation: All other proceedings involving the course of action are preceded by certification by a notary. In the Netherlands, the Bachelorhood/Single Status Certificate is obtained from the local notary, usually in the form of a stamp and a signature. The notary is a fundamental prerequisite of any law governing the certification process. It is the first stage in the attestation of any personal and educational papers in India.  

  • Home Department Attestation: Personal documents are legalised by the State Home Department. A birth certificate, marriage certificate, and death certificate are examples of personal documents that must be authenticated. The Home Department is excellent at certifying specific records, and the authorities involved are the only ones authorised to attest paperwork. It is the second level of personal document legalisation.             

  • Sub-Divisional Magistrate Attestation: This is an option for the Home Office and, in extraordinary circumstances, HRD. However, certain agencies strictly need HRD verification for educational papers. Sub-Divisional Magistrate is autonomous of the state government and performs works distinctly.

  • MEA Stamp: The Ministry of External Affairs, also known as the MEA, is the final level of verification by the home government, following which a MEA stamp is given to the document. MEA is the major organisation in charge of the country's foreign affairs.                

  • Embassy Attestation:The attesting of papers is done by employees from the nation in question. It is the final step of the certification for most countries after the Ministry of External Affairs.

What documents are required to get a Single Certificate Attestation in the Netherlands?

The documents required for Bachelorhood or Single Certificate Attestation in Netherland include:

  • Affidavit: It is a document that states that the applicant is unmarried and single, as well as his or her name, residence, identification, and witnesses, and is printed on stamp paper.

  • Address proof: It might be any document verifying that the individual lives at the specified location. Documents such as a bank passbook, Aadhar card, Voter ID, rental agreement, and so on are acceptable.

  • A valid VISA or Passport.        

  • Proof of Birth: This document, like a birth certificate or a school certificate, displays the individual's date of birth.

  • Proof from Parents:A letter from the individual's parents acknowledging their child's single status. Aadhar cards and voter IDs for parents are also necessary.

If the individual is a divorcee, he or she must present the following documents in addition to the documentation listed above:

  • The Decree Absolute, whether the petitioner is lawfully divorced, or

  • In the event that the individual's former spouse dies, the Death Certificate must be prepared.


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