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Property Management Services

We at NRIWAY have fixed prices that are always constant for all NRI customers

Housekeeping Services

Revitalize your space with our professional Housekeeping services. We offer a comprehensive range of cleaning solutions tailored to your needs.

Tenancy Management Services

Tenancy management is the systematic administration of rental properties, encompassing tasks such as property marketing, tenant screening, and lease agreements.

Rent Agreement Assistance

A rent agreement, also known as a lease agreement or rental contract, is a legally binding document that outlines the terms and conditions of a rental arrangement between a landlord

Official Birth Record Document for US Green Card
Birth Certificate from India

A Birth Certificate for US Green Card is an important personal document that helps get admission for a child to schools in his/her birth country or even overseas. 

Non-Availability of Birth Certificate from India

Save a trip to the Department office with our Non-Availability of Birth Certificate (NABC) Document application assistance services.

Affidavit service in India

Affidavits are required for many official purposes. NRIWAY can help you get these affidavits on the required Indian stamp paper.

Translation Services in India

Translation services help international business people, traders, and entrepreneurs carry out their global tasks and business communications without language barriers.

Single Status Certificate from India

A Single Status Certificate is a necessary personal document that requires legalization.

Apostille from India

NRIWAY provides a cost-effective and fast experience to the customer’s different documentation requirements regarding the MEA Apostille.

Embassy Attestation Services

An Embassy Attestation is primarily needed to authenticate the necessary documents with a stamp from the embassy. You might need it for authorizing multiple documents across different countries.

Financial Management Services

NRIWAY specializes in creating innovative financial management solutions for NRI individuals. As an NRI, You need to take care of tax laws and investment rules in both countries which creates a necessity for a financial advisor.

University Transcripts

A marks transcript is a comprehensive documentation of your marks or grades that have been produced by your university. It may also provide a general score for your aptitude.

Medium of Instruction certificate

A medium of instruction certificate is an official recognition stating the medium in which one has studied. An MOI is used as a formality for an Education Evaluation for the host country. 

Degree Certificate from Indian University

After completing their graduation or degree in a certain subject, students are given a degree certificate.

Duplicate Marksheets from India

A mark sheet is a collection of all of a student's grades from all semesters.

HRD Attestation

NRIWAY provides a cost-effective and fast experience to the customer’s different documentation requirements for HRD attestation.

Visa services