Affidavit Services in Thane

Affidavit Services in Thane

A legal affidavit is a written declaration delivered under oath that is generally used in court.

Affidavit Services in Thane

What is an Affidavit?

A legal affidavit is a written declaration delivered under oath that is generally used in court. An affiant is someone who swears to be honest in making the affidavit. Affidavits are an important element of court proceedings because they give a written description of the events surrounding the case, which can make it simpler for judges to make decisions. They are also handy for keeping track of things.

Purpose of an Affidavit Services in Thane

The objective of an affidavit is to legally validate a claim. In a dispute, these legal papers are utilised in conjunction with witness testimony or other relevant evidence. For an affidavit to be legitimate, the individual who signs it must be personally aware of the facts included in the affidavit and must take an oath that they are completely honest within the statement. When it comes to settling a disagreement, affidavits are critical pieces of information. Affidavits, when utilised appropriately, can influence a court judgement. Some affidavits, such as financial affidavits, also serve to certify facts regarding the lives of the case parties. Affidavits, at their heart, serve to communicate certifiable facts in a fashion that can be reasonably assured to be accurate.

Process of Affidavit services in Thane

An affidavit should be made on stamp paper, but not all affidavits must be made on stamp paper; they must be made on non-judicial documents. (A stamp of Rs 100 is commonly preferred.)

  • It must include the term "Affidavit" on top, and the document must include an affirmation by the deponent.

  • It shall affirm all known facts, with no flaws to the best of the deponent's knowledge, as it serves as a fitness certificate of truth; lying on oath is perjury.

  • Verification that the location and time on the document are correct and unobscured.

  • It must be presented to a notary or oath commissioner for verification; the notary, in general, is a trustworthy third party who declares "I verify." The notary verifies, signs, and stamps/seals an affidavit, without which it has no validity, and such affidavit and declares after taking a note of original papers as Identity Proof such as Aadhar Card along with true copies.

Essentials of Affidavit services in Thane

  • An affidavit must be in writing.

  • The affidavit must be in the first person.

  • It must be construed as a declaration made by the deponent.

  • It must have been sworn or solemnly declared before an authorised officer.

  • At the end of the affidavit, there must be verification.

  • The affidavit's oath must be delivered by any Notary, Oath Commissioner, or any Officer designated by the High Court.

  • Any fact in a litigation can be shown by an affidavit, as instructed by the Court.

  • In an emergency, an affidavit can be produced on white paper, typed, or handwritten.

  • Filing false affidavits is a crime under both the Thanen Oaths Act of 1873 and the Thanen Penal Code.

  • After 2002, an affidavit has also to be filed with pleadings.

How can NRIWAY help in getting Affidavit services in Thane?

An affidavit is a written sworn declaration of truth produced voluntarily under an oath or affirmation delivered by a person authorised by law to do so, such as a notary public or gazetted official. It is completed on stamp paper with the assistance of a legal practitioner. NRIWAY experts will prepare your affidavits while you sit in the convenience of your own home or workplace. There will be no more frantic racing about to acquire stamp paper, dictate the matter to be typed, or find a gazetted officer to complete the affidavit. Our legal specialists will gladly prepare the affidavit based on your specifications. You may submit the data online, or our customer service expert at NRIWAY will collect up the affidavit details from your doorstep as part of our Affidavit services in Thane.

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