What Is An Academic Transcript And Why Do We Need It?

What Is An Academic Transcript And Why Do We Need It?

An academic transcript is an inventory or certified record of a student throughout the study with complete enrollment history, including all courses attempted, marks earned, degrees, and awards conferred.

Without consent from a third party, the release of information from an official transcript is forbidden by the 1974 Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act. In most cases, altercation of a transcript is considered a felony.

An official transcript or NRI university transcript is a copy of a student's academic record in the US, including all courses attended, grades received, honors, and degrees conferred to a student from the first day at school to the current year. Transcripts also consist of student's rank in class and the institution's accreditation issuing the transcript.

NRI university transcript is prepared and sent by the issuing school, usually by the Student Registrar with an official and original sign of a school official on the school letterhead, which is then sealed by the school or university. If students change schools or take admission to a university or college, the NRI university transcript is usually mailed from school to school. School Transcripts consists of grades of class 9 to 12 when applying to college.

What is holding transcripts?

Universities and colleges owned by a former student might 'hold' the transcript until payment is cleared. It means that former student cannot resume their education anywhere else. Several universities and colleges do not allow a prospective student until communication is received that the previous school is content with its debt collection. In case the university or college finds out that a student has lied on their college application, the college can rescind the admission offer, revoke the student's degree, and even refuse to release the student's transcript.

What is ToR?

ToR is a Transcript of Record in the European ECTS system. It is used to document a student's performance over a particular time by listing the units of the course or modules taken, credits gained, and the awarded grades. ToR provides a standard format to record all students' study activities and is an essential academic recognition tool.

When Transcript of Records or NRI university transcript are required, and when to request one?

The applicants are required to provide the admission committee with a set of documents for supporting their prior academic qualifications to attend a university or college abroad. The documents are known as NRI university transcripts, academic transcripts, or Transcripts of Record. These documents must justify that you are suitable for the program that you aspire to pursue as proof of completing your school- under-grad or post-grad.

When and why an NRI university transcript is needed and how to use it?

NRI university transcripts are required to be produced by students while applying to a university abroad to attend their course choice. Thus, it is always a better option for students to keep their documents handy as soft copies, uploading them immediately to complete an application. Some universities abroad need their students to send hard copies of their transcripts through courier services. Before sending your documents, it is recommended to read the university requirements thoroughly.

Now for which course which NRI university transcript is required?

You will need the NRI university transcripts of the latest courses studied as per the general requirements.

If you apply for a graduate degree in an abroad university, you will need to show the under-grad degree's NRI university transcript.

And suppose you are applying for an undergrad degree abroad. In that case, you will require to produce an NRI university transcript of the Secondary School Education, which is the 12th grade, or Pre-University Education, which is also known as the Undergraduate Diploma.

The university may ask to produce proof of your last two or more qualifications in rare cases. However, the universities always mention specifying what documents they require and about the NRI university transcripts too. Mostly for doing a Master's course or MBA courses, most of the graduate schools do not require NRI university transcripts.

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