Passport correction in Mumbai

Passport correction in Mumbai

Passport correction in Mumbai

A passport is an official document given by an authorised official of a nation to one of its inhabitants that permits the individual to travel in a foreign country according to visa rules. That asks for protection for the citizen while abroad. It is a kind of identification needed by law for those who live or travel inside a country.

What is the Passport correction in Mumbai? When is it needed?

In India, a passport is valid for ten years only. Therefore, for continuing to avail of the Passport benefits, one must renew the Passport- before the expiry of 10 years; 

or after the validity lapses. Similarly, for passport correction in Chennai, one needs to visit the Passport Seva Chennai office to correct the changes required in the Passport.

Passport correction is needed when there is an error in your Passport. If there is an error in your Passport, you might face some challenges to travelling abroad. A passport is the one most essential document that you cannot travel abroad without. If you don’t have a proper passport, you cannot travel abroad. So, if there are any issues with your Passport, they should be fixed as soon as possible.   

Why is Police Verification needed for a Passport? Why is it essential for Passport correction in Mumbai?    

One of the critical security measures concerning the issuance of passports in India is the police verification that cross-checks the antecedents of an individual. Similarly, when one does a passport correction in Chennai, the changes are verified by the police for the authenticity of the Passport.

When renewing your Passport, you must bring your previous Passport with you. The number on the Passport will stay the same; only the validity period will be altered. The modifications will be made to the existing/old Passport, which will be returned as a renewed passport.



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