DU Fake Marksheets Certificate Racket: Accused posed as Canada NRIs

DU Fake Marksheets Certificate Racket: Accused posed as Canada NRIs

Police said accused opened more than 30 bank accounts with a total of 15-20 lacs. That causes more than 1 crore Rs. transactions during past few days ago.

About three people arrested for such fraudulent for issuing fake marks sheet to Canadian NRIs. Men did not know each other as they came into touch through a social media website reference as so became a part of such fake racket activities.

Police said that main accused, Pawiter Singh used to move across Punjab. He don't stay at a single location since last week and keep changing his location frequently. However, he used to be contacted by some banks posed as NRI to evade verification, said a Police officials.

As students asked him whether degree certificate is genuine, Singh uploaded the Himachal Pradesh address on their website and asked them to send their marksheets and other documents as a formal procedure. But we found that Himachal Pradesh would verify their documents on behalf of their stamps and revert it back to students. Instead they were a fake racket, an officer said. Police said that for Class X and XII certificates, the rates would be between Rs 2,000 and Rs 2,500 each, and the postgraduate degree certificates would be sold at Rs 5,000 each.

"We are yet to raid the premises. Many victims are from small villages adn darkened by such fake racket for degree certificate in India. Even if they duped for about 5000 Rs or more than a significant amount for such poor students., they would not approached Police," the officer said.

However, Pankaj Arora, Delhi based agent who had opened up the SRKM Education and Welfare Society duped a Rajasthan resident of Rs 1,31,000 for Class X certificates.
Source: Indian Express

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