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Category: Non Availability of Birth Certificate

Birth Certificate Attestataion In India

Indian passport holders who apply for Residential Status, Employment, or Long-Term Visas, or immigration, are given a Police Clearance Certificate (PCC). Individuals travelling abroad on a tourist visa are ineligible for a PCC. The Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) is an official document issued by the Indian Police or an authorised Indian Government official to an individual. It detects any criminal records a person may have against their name and gives a clearing certificate if such documents are clear. A PCC may be necessary for Indian or foreign people who are currently or have previously resided in India for the following reasons: 

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How can a nonavailability birth certificate help if you don't have a birth certificate?

NABC is an abbreviation for the nonavailability of a birth certificate. It is issued when a person does not have evidence of birth. It is available both online and at the municipal corporation. Affidavits address proof, and birth proof, as well as a covering note, may be enclosed.

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Non Availability Birth Certificate - Everything you need to know

Any birth, be it in a hospital or at home, must be reported and recorded within a certain time frame with the competent registrar's office of births and deaths. A birth certificate is a vital document that validates a person's birth and is required for the issuance of other significant documents like a passport or an OCI. In rare cases, when the birth was not documented for various reasons, the individual may apply to the competent agency for NABC (Non Availability Birth Certificate in India).

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A Guide to Obtain A Non-Available Birth Certificate

Besides the conventional method, did you know of any other method to obtain your birth certificate? Sounds unsettling right? Every problem, although, has a multiple potential solutions. So what's all the difficulties and solutions to getting a birth certificate that isn't available?

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