How to Replace a Lost or Destroyed Birth Certificate

How to Replace a Lost or Destroyed Birth Certificate

A birth certificate is critical paperwork that certifies a person's birth. The phrase "birth certificate" can refer to either the original document verifying the delivery circumstances or a certified authentic copy or representation of the subsequent registration of that birth. Depending on the jurisdiction, a birth record may or may not include verification of the occurrence by a midwife or doctor. The United Nations Sustainable Development Goal 17, part of the 2030 Agenda, aims to increase the timely availability of data on age, gender, race, ethnicity, and other relevant characteristics for which documents such as a birth certificate can provide all necessary information.

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In India, births were traditionally not well documented. Other evidence, such as matriculation certificates, are accepted in India in place of a birth certificate for official purposes. A birth certificate can be made using a passport. Since 1969, birth registration has been required by law under the Registration of Births and Deaths Act requirements. Birth certificates are issued by our Government of India or the municipality in question. Specific rules differ by state, area, and city.

Births in Delhi, for example, must be recorded within 21 days by the hospital or by a family member if the birth occurred at home. After registration, the birth certificate can be obtained by applying to the appropriate government. Certificates can also be provided to adoptive children and undocumented orphans under certain circumstances. Overseas births can also be recorded. Like the Greater Chennai Corporation, some towns allow for entirely digital birth certificates to be applied for, produced, and confirmed online.

Importance of birth certificate 


A birth certificate is a essential legal document you will ever have in your hands. There are several occasions when you need to provide your original birth certificate or a certified duplicate of it to confirm your identity and date of birth. It is a child's first right and determines their identity. It is significant because it aids in establishing your age for insurance purposes, electoral rolls, for employment, for marriage, proving parentage, admission to schools/colleges, registering for the National Population Register, applying for a passport, and fulfilling immigration requirements such as obtaining a green card.

A person who does not have a birth certificate will not be recognised as an Indian citizen and would be ineligible for any privileges and rights.

They will be unable to obtain a passport or gain admission to schools. A birth certificate is a legal document that certifies your existence on this planet and is thus vitally important to every human being. As a result, critical papers and IDs must be maintained in a secure location, yet misplacing them is more prevalent than one may assume. Documents and crucial documentation might be lost in the commotion of relocation and be misplaced whenever you pull them out to use. If you've misplaced your birth certificate, there are simple steps you may take to obtain a new certified copy. Getting a new birth certificate may be a simple procedure, provided with the necessary papers. You can also hire NRIWAY if you wish to gain a replacement birth certificate or a new birth certificate altogether.    

Need for replacement birth certificate

There are several reasons why and how you require a new birth certificate. If you suspect your original birth certificate has been lost or stolen, you should report it. You must have specific items to receive a new birth certificate.

Application for a non-availability birth certificate

If you have misplaced or lost your original birth certificate, you may quickly obtain a duplicate of the original birth certificate. This is referred to as an application for birth certificate non-availability. This certificate of non-availability is provided if the birth certificate has not been registered or if the original birth certificate has been lost. It should be noted that the granting body, your municipal corporation's Public Health Department, does not provide a duplicate. What you will be given is not a duplicate but the second original of your birth certificate. This second original is regarded as legally genuine because it bears the original stamp of the issuing authority. It varies from a photocopy of your original certificate in that the logo is also a photocopy and thus not original.

Steps to be followed for obtaining a duplicate or replacement birth certificate

  1. Visit the municipal corporation office in the city where you were born. The municipal corporation of that specific city will record the birth registration. In different municipal zones/wards in other sections of a town, you must go to the zone/ward office in the area where you were born. For example, if you want to apply for a duplicate copy of your birth certificate in Mumbai, Maharashtra, and you were born in the G-South Ward of the BMC, you must go to that ward office.

  2. A nominal cost will be charged for issuing a copy of the birth certificate. This cost varies from state to state and city to city.

  3. After paying the cost, you will be issued an application form that you must carefully fill out with all of your information. It is crucial to mention that if your handwriting is not clear, you will most likely end up with a certificate with several misspelt names! As a result, it is a good idea to fill in the data in block letters to avoid inaccuracies in names on the certificate. You can confirm and press OK to write everything in block letters.

  4. You will be given a receipt and told when to obtain a copy.

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