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Tax implications for NRI buying property in India

If you are planning to buy a flat from an NRI, you must understand the NRI Property Tax implications in India and possible deductions on such properties while purchasing it. In case you purchase property from Non-Resident, as per the section 195, 20% of TDS deductions is applicable.

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How to Find Right Property Management Professionals in India

Finding the right company for professional property management for NRI is a huge decision that will have an immense impact on the success of your leasing business. After all, the Right Property Management Professionals for NRI are going to be the eyes and ears and hands and feet of the NRI property in your country. Their actions would impose an enormous influence on whether you have a profitable and well-organized operation or a slow and fading business.

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3 Important Facts You Need to Know About NRI Tax

NRI taxation is one of the most intriguing yet confusing topics ever. So, we decided to solve the mystery for you for once and for all. In this article, we will discuss the 5 important facts about NRI tax that everyone should know. Let us begin!

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