US to propose hike in h1 b application fee

US to propose hike in h1 b application fee

On Thursday, Labor secretary Alexander Acosta told about a raise in H1 B Visa application fee. H1 B visa is a non immigrant visa using by those migrating to USA. Many of foreigners come across the world in USA to get occupations in various specialties programme.

Why USA Govt. propose hike in h1 b application fee:

Thousands of thousand immigrant apply for h1 b to get an employment opportunity but many of them rejected each year by USA govt. Because other countries skilled employee kill their employees reputation and decrease a chance for them to have employment in its own country. This year Acosta said about raise in apprentice funding.

  1. By doing so, Trump administration hit to provide training programs to the USA techies to make them self employed.

  2. As a consequence, many MNC including Wipro, Tcs, Infosys started investing in STEM programme to hire the talents from USA itself.

  3. Trumph administration targeting on restricting migrants from outside countries especially from India, and China.


Impact of hike in h1 b visa fee:

As a result number of applications decline after an announcement of h1 b visa fee increment. Generally, Indian IT companies in USA force to hire local talents rather from strongest economy in world such as India, China, Germany, and France. But Trumph administration's declaration to a hike in h1 b visa would be great impact on some big companies resulting their low utilization of technologies, resources, and results.

Expanding Apprenticeships:  Acosta said, an amount of 150$ funded for the enhancement of apprenticeship program to trained USA local talents in health care, IT, and manufacturing.



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