What are the different documentation services offered for NRIs?

What are the different documentation services offered for NRIs?

There are so many instances when a particular task is important or urgent and may require NRI intervention. But they cannot travel to India that quickly and need to complete that work within the stipulated time. They might require different documents for different purposes. For example, they might require a birth certificate to apply for a passport, visa, or license. The NRIs may need transcripts to apply for admission or permanent residency, immigration, etc. The NRIs can’t come to India for such documents while leaving all their work. It is not feasible for the NRIs to catch a flight to India and get their work done. It might be super urgent or essential and requires immediate action. To make their work more comfortable and convenient, there are many documentation services for NRIs in India provided with professional agencies for the NRIs small and big needs. Let’s discuss some of the important NRI documentation services offered.

Documentation services for NRI

Some of the documentation services for NRIs include-

  1. Indian birth certificate- a birth certificate is very vital for getting any official document. Without a birth certificate, a person cannot be identified as an Indian citizen. It is also imperative when a person is applying for a green card, passport, or visa. The individual will not be able to reap any benefits attached to owning a birth certificate. Suppose a person is an NRI and is facing issues with procuring an Indian birth certificate. In that case, they can simply apply online for the same through NABC. by uploading the required documents and the necessary information to be filled in the form.

  2. Non-availability of birth certificate online- another NRI documentation service available is the non-availability of birth certificate online. NABC is a legal document used in the case of NRIs, which states that the search has been conducted to find proof of birth of a specific individual under section 17 of the registration of birth & death act. This document can be used to get a new birth certificate. The NABC can be applied by two methods- online method and direct method. 

  3. Patent law in India- a patent provides exclusive rights and authority to the person who wants to form a patent. Patent law in India is a necessary NRI documentation service as it helps investors abroad to invest in promising projects in India. The NRI’s rights are protected, and they have a fair share of profits while investing their assets in India.

  4. The general power of attorney for NRI- general power attorney is a critical document. Providing the general power of attorney documentation services for NRIs helps them appoint an attorney who can act in place for making important decisions. This documentation service for NRIs is essential as the attorney needs to be appointed to a trustworthy person.

  5. Succession certificate NRI- this NRI documentation service is crucial as the NRIs do not know the Indian rules and laws concerning India’s property inheritance.  The succession certificate is essential for the NRIs so that they can claim their assets efficiently. The assets can be anything, either fund on the bank accounts, equities, or property.

  6. Special power of attorney for NRI- this NRI documentation service consists of a wide range of powers and represents the attorney in the absence of the principle. An NRI can become a power of attorney without the hassle of traveling to India with this document. 


How can NRIWAY help you provide these documentation services for NRI?

It is challenging for Indian residents abroad, or NRIs, to travel to India for documentation, financial services, property management, etc. They need some professional help to help solve their documentation-related matters and issues they are far away from their home country. NRIWAY can partner with such NRIs and help them provide all essential services to avail of sitting there only. They need not depend on their relatives or friends for their documents, looking after their immovable property and other essential things. They can seek professional help from NRIWAY to guide you and get all these necessary works done at an affordable cost. They have professionals who have years of field experience and knowledge. NRIWAY serves as a platform to provide the different documentation services for NRI. They ensure that their customer’s issues are resolved while they sit back and relax. 

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