A Guide To Obtaining A Transcript From Mumbai University

A Guide To Obtaining A Transcript From Mumbai University

A transcript is a copy of a student's academic record that their school or university issued. It includes a list of all the courses, their grades, and the degrees obtained throughout a specific time frame. Simply put, a detailed scorecard of a student lists the courses, grades, and degrees they have earned for each semester or module.


How can you obtain a copy of your transcript from Mumbai University?

To get a transcript, you should know the correct way or procedure. Here all steps are given to address any challenges you may face in getting a transcript from Mumbai University.


You must be aware of the proper steps or methods in order to obtain a transcript. Here are all the steps you need to take to overcome obstacles you may encounter when requesting a transcript from Mumbai University.


Step 1. Preparations At Home

  • Gather all documents/mark sheets (received in all semesters) to be attested. The dean of the university should stamp these.
  • Keep one extra copy of your documents. It would be submitted for reference by the university.
  • Make a set for each semester and put them into an envelope. Write the address of the university where you have completed courses.
  • Avoid printing the address on the envelope, as Mumbai University rejects your application.
  • Don't submit your original documents. But, keep them with you for verification of every detail by the authorities. You can submit them back once they've been verified.


Step 2. Submission Phase at the University

  • For the submission, arrive early at the university. There could be long lines. It will be advantageous to come before the office opens. 
  • Keep informed when there are breaks and off days. 
  • Keep waiting in line until it's your turn to submit.
  • Fill out the form, which carries the basic information like name, year, etc.
  • On your turn, show all documents. Hand over all envelopes to the officer.
  • Pay the charges per copy being attested.
  • The attestation fees, which include processing and attestation fees, can change. Let's assume that processing and attestation for one set each cost INR 100. It would cost INR50+INR100=INR250+IR500 in total (i.e. INR750).
  • Get a receipt after the payment has been cleared so you may check the status online.
  • Alternatively, you may return on the day designated for collecting the attested mark sheets.
  • Typically, this procedure might be finished in a month. So, this is the anticipated time frame for processing your transcript.


Step 3: Compile the Attested Transcripts

  • Reach the university on a working day after receiving an update.
  • Wait for your turn. The university team will call your receipt number.
  • Go inside the office to collect your papers.
  • Display the receipt for your records.


How much do transcripts from Mumbai University cost?

A transcript may cost INR 20, and the Transcript Certificate is (BA, B.Com, and B.Sc (IT, Comp.Sc & NT): Rs. 750, MA, M.Com, and M. Sc. Maths: Rs. 1000, M.Sc. IT, M.Sc. Computer Sc, MCA, PGDFM, and PGDORM: Rs. 1000), according to distance open learning (Mumbai University). During business hours, this amount must be paid in cash.


What Documents are Necessary for Transcripts?

The academic transcript summarises your academic record and includes your final exam scores for each module or semester. In addition, you require mark sheets, degrees, provisional documents, diplomas, etc., to demonstrate that educational backlog. These credentials are all necessary tangible evidence of your academic history. Moreover, these documents assist in confirming whether you genuinely received a degree or certificate from Mumbai University in a specific year. Once your identity has been confirmed, you can quickly get admission to the next-level course.


How to Translate a Transcript?

All universities in Mumbai don't offer transcripts since they want to have them in their local tongue. Therefore, the obtained documents should be translated into English in such circumstances. Remember that the new university will ask for both the original and the translation when you apply. Therefore, keep them both stamped and signed by the actual translator.

English is a universal language. Using this fact, you can translate your transcript into English. Consult with a professional like NRIWAY if you are ignorant. We can assist you in realising your aspirations of attending a foreign institution.







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