Common Mistakes on Birth Certificates and How to Fix Them

Common Mistakes on Birth Certificates and How to Fix Them

Birth Certificate is very crucial document in India, having essential details about an individual's identity and birth information. In the event of spelling errors or other mistakes on this vital document, it become necessary to get it correct. In this blog, we will look into the common mistakes found on birth certificates, providing clear solutions for correction. Know how to rectify spelling errors in birth certificates online,tackle address inaccuracies, and address surname mistakes efficiently. We guide you through the process of correcting spelling mistakes on birth certificates, making it easier for those seeking a solution. Accurate birth records play an important role in various aspects, from official documentation to legal processes, so it become super necessary to have error free Birth Certificate.


How to change spelling in Birth Certificate?

 If you are stuck with a spelling mistake in your birth certificate, it is important to correct mistake in birth certificate. There are many ways to address this mistake and each will vary depending on where you stay India.


*  Firstly, many people visit government office that is the birth certificate issuing authority and many times they do have the facilities where you can get mistakes corrected on your certificate.


* Secondly, you can visit notary public or registrar of births, death, and marriages (Bdm/ BP) that is authorized to receive correction of facts at birth. They are covered by the Births, Deaths, and marriages Act.


*Thirdly, you can get your Birth Certificate mistakes corrected by using NRIWAY Birth Certification services.


Amending the First, Middle or Date of Birth of the Person


* You can get your birth certificate rectified in India if you make a spelling error. There are three avenues via which you can rectify the error: via the Indian consulate, the state health department, or your municipality's Vital Records office.


* Visiting the Indian consulate is the easiest option to have a spelling error on your birth certificate corrected. They will handle the required documentation and expedite the correction of your certificate. However, only Indian citizens are eligible to use this option.


* The state health department is another place you can go. If there is an error or a change of name involved, they can assist you in amending your birth certificate. Once more, though, this choice is limited to citizens of specific Indian states.


* Lastly, you might visit your municipality's Vital Records office. For those who do not reside in a state with an embassy or consulate, this is the greatest choice. The repair will be precise and comprehensive, but it will need filling out paperwork and may take many months to complete.


Spelling correction on birth certificate


Incorrect records and eligibility for specific government services may result from a revision of the birth certificate. For instance, someone may not be eligible to vote or get Social Security benefits if their birth certificate has an erroneous spelling of their last name. The good news is that you can fix this error by doing certain actions.


The Department of Vital Records will demand identification and evidence of residency when you submit an official request to have your birth record updated. Copies of your original birth certificate, official identification (such a driver's licence), or your voter registration card can serve as proof of this. You can also be asked to physically visit one of the Department's offices to present further proof, depending on how serious the error was.


You might be able to prove your identity and place of residence with a copy of your current Indian passport or driver's licence if you are unable to present all the other paperwork. You might be able to present other supporting paperwork, such as utility bills, bank statements, or letters from neighbours attesting to your address, if you are unable to produce any of these.



Rectifying errors on a birth certificate is crucial, and it can be done through a process. Online platforms offer convenient solutions for fixing common mistakes such as spelling, address, and surname errors. To correct a spelling mistake in a birth certificate, utilize NRIWAY's online Birth Certificate services designed for this purpose. Utilizing the correct procedures for birth certificate correction online ensures accuracy and eliminates potential complications. Overall, understanding how to correct mistakes in a birth certificate is essential for maintaining accurate and reliable documentation.




  1. How can I correct my birth certificate spelling in India?

In India, you can use the online or offline methods offered by the state government or the local Municipal Corporation to fix a spelling error on your birth certificate. Usually, the procedure includes filing an application, providing supporting documentation, and paying the required amount.


  1. Does spelling mistakes matter in Birth Certificate?

             Spelling errors should be corrected because they may cause misunderstandings and     misrepresentations. Any spelling mistakes must be reported to the appropriate authorities, and the appropriate action must be taken to fix them.


  1. Can we change name in birth certificate India?

              Yes, you can change your name on your birth certificate in India.


  1. Is it legal to change the spelling of your name?

              Yes, it is permissible to rewrite your name. To change your name on your birth certificate, you can follow the approved process, which may include filing an application, providing supporting documentation, and paying the required amount.

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