Embassy Attestation Services (What Are They And Why Will You Need Them)

Embassy Attestation Services (What Are They And Why Will You Need Them)

An embassy attestation is a process of authenticating a potential migrant’s documents through stamps and seals of the person’s home country. It is a policy accepted worldwide and  countries across the globe  acknowledge and accept this protocol as a mark of authentication for an individual. This protocol is fulfilled through a unique ‘confirmation’ in the form of stamp hence labelled as an  ‘Embassy Attestation'.

The Embassy attestation is not one of the primary steps in your migration process. It might not be compulsory for you to have an embassy attestation either. It is one of the final stages to head you towards your destination country. Embassy attestation documents are required to authenticate and regulate a person’s educational and professional profile in a foreign country.The most important purpose of an Embassy Attestation is to help you identify as a genuine citizen of a country and help you set yourself up in a foriegn country. Typically, the authorization can be done in the form of the person’s Indian Originated certificate, required to present in other nations and it must be authorised from India’s respective Embassy/consulate. In the Embassy attestation process, the document has to be authenticated by the State Home Department or SDM or Chamber of Commerce and Ministry of External Affairs. The respective Consulate can finally legalise the certificate for use in that country.

The embassy attestation is the legalised form of the procedure followed in many countries. Now, that it sounds a synonymous process to an apostille certification, it is important to note that the major difference between the two is, that embassy attestation is unique to its own country and there are no shared commonalities in the procedure like the Hague Convention for apostille.

Why is Embassy Attestation required?

It is required by the Foreign Governments to allow foreigners to enter their nation for purposes like employment-study and business. While education consists of moving across for higher education,achieving international migration for business may pertain to purposes like partaking in business, setting up business etc. Thus making it important for the embassy to ensure legalising the process and verifying the authenticity of the company or documents.

By the Embassy Attestation stamp, the document becomes exemplary, genuine, and recognised by their country's MEA. Holding this Consulate stamp on a certificate means there is no requirement for any further authentication.

The Embassy Attestation is required on the following documents -

  1. On Degree Certificate for overseas education

  2. For obtaining employment visa

  3. On the Birth Certificate, required for obtaining a dependent visa

  4. On Marriage Certificate, required for obtaining a Family Visa

  5. On PCC, to prove a clean background free of criminal history

  6. On the Bachelorhood Certificate for marriage registration overseas

How Much Time Does It Take

It takes 15 to 20 working days and The time limit depends upon the issued place and type of Documents. The Embassy Attestation cost depends on Embassy fees, so there is too much variation in expense, and embassy fees fluctuate.However, there are many ways to finish the process on a fast track.


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