How can an NRI get his birth certificate in India?

How can an NRI get his birth certificate in India?

How can an NRI get his birth certificate in India?

The birth certificate is the most significant document since it is the first certificate issued for a
child after birth, providing that child with documented evidence and associated citizenship rights.
Every birth must be registered at the office of the relevant registrar of births and deaths within
21 days.

When applying for official paperwork, proof of birth is essential. Obtaining a passport or visa
without a birth certificate can be exceedingly challenging. A birth certificate, however, may be
lost for various reasons, including fires, house moves, and other situations. To obtain the
certificate, a person must complete a number of legal requirements.
Many people ignore the significance of this critical document, and they realize their ignorance
when their application for a passport or visa is denied because they don't have birth records.
After 20 to 35 years, how do you obtain an unregistered birth? The actions a person can take to
solve this issue are as follows:

Authorities authorized to issue the certificate:

Non-Resident Indians (NRIs) who were born before 1969, before the registration requirement
went into effect, may receive the NABC certificate from Indian consulates.
As verification of identity and address, the following documents are typically submitted:
Pan, Passport, Aadhar, Voter ID, Ration Card, etc.

How to apply for NABC:

The individual must go to a nearby municipal corporation office and submit a request to the
Registrar and Health Officer. To ensure no birth records are available, it is crucial to first search
at the relevant birth registrar's office.

When it's clear that there aren't any birth records available, a request can be submitted at the
relevant office together with the necessary documentation. An application form would be
provided by the relevant body and would need to be completed. The registrar will grant the
NABC following application verification.

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