How to Send Transcripts to Universities

How to Send Transcripts to Universities

In addition to other papers, a transcript is required to be supplied with a college/university application. But what exactly is a transcript, and how can you obtain one in India?

A transcript (Cumulative Record File, CRF, Permanent Record, or simply Record) is a copy of a student's permanent academic record, which typically includes all courses completed, grades obtained, honours achieved, and degrees given to a student. When students consider moving schools, cumulative transcripts are usually forwarded from school to school.

Your counsellor should produce an official transcript. The transcript should be included in your school documents if the counsellor submits it electronically. Otherwise, transcripts should be provided directly to the colleges you are applying to. Please contact each admissions office for the particular address or method.

In general, universities will want transcripts provided in an envelope sealed by the educational institution from where the transcripts were obtained.

If you send out many applications, this may become cumbersome and costly.

Before sending your transcripts, make sure you understand what the University requires, as any (or all) of the following may be acceptable:

  1. unsealed transcripts with the issuing school's stamp "certifying" them;

  2. unsealed transcripts bearing a stamp from the issuing school "certifying" them with YOUR notation "Sealed transcripts from (student name) available upon request";

  3. sealed transcripts relayed by you to them from the issuing authority; and

  4. Getting straight transcripts from the issuing authorities

Again, it is up to the University how they want transcripts submitted (and most of them are courteous enough to put it clearly in their calendar under "Applying For Admission").

In terms of the PHYSICAL means by which you obtain transcripts for the universities you are applying to, ANY means is typically appropriate. You could undoubtedly hand-carry them and drop them over in person if you wanted to.

Transcripts in India

  • In India, transcripts are referred to as mark sheets (Cumulative or semester-wise).

  • The University will provide students with a copy of the original mark sheet at the end of each semester.

Official transcripts are required when applying to institutions in the United States. However, because you only get one copy, you must contact the mark sheets signed by the University Registrar to make them legitimate.

The procedure for obtaining official transcripts varies between schools and institutions. However, the following stages will outline how to get transcripts.

  1. Make copies of all mark sheets (photocopy, xerox)

  2. Please put them in an envelope. 

  3. Pay the fees at University for transcripts ( I think it is around Rs 100 to Rs200 per transcript)

  4. Submit the copies to the University Registrar office.

  5. The registrar will double-check the mark sheets and sign each page. If you have eight-semester mark sheets, all eight pages must be signed (with seal)

  6. Paste the envelope and sign and seal at the envelope opening.

An official transcript is now a signed and sealed envelope containing mark sheets, which you may mail with your application paperwork. Unfortunately, universities in India will NOT provide transcripts to the United States. Even though websites state that only transcripts from institutions are recognised, this does not apply to international admission.

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