Single status certificate- what is the importance for NRIs and how to procure one

Single status certificate- what is the importance for NRIs and how to procure one

NRIs frequently need a Single Status Certificate when getting married, also known as a Bachelorhood Certificate. In addition, when you give a legal or educational certificate to someone in another country, it is frequently difficult to determine whether the document is real or officially allowed. As a result, the government of a foreign nation requires verification that the document you have is legitimate and not counterfeit or that the signatures of Indian officials on papers are genuine before accepting them.

NRIWAY is here to assist you with any NRI Educational Document Services. In addition, we will perform all of the legwork required to apply for a Bachelorhood/Single Status Certificate.

  • We'd want to save you and your family the trouble of going from pillar to post in search of the educational credentials you require.

  • We realise that you are concerned about your family waiting in government offices or interacting with government officials in order to obtain your educational documents.

  • Don't worry; our Relationship Managers will take care of everything for a Bachelorhood certificate, including all day-to-day activities as well as formal processes.

However, keep in mind:

  • The customer is responsible for providing all required credentials to us, and we will assist the customer in collecting educational documents and certifications.

  • Our costs may differ depending on the degree of difficulty of the project.

  • The consumer will be responsible for any additional fees.

  • NRIWAY is also not liable for any technical delays or postponements caused by the customer's failure to submit necessary or timely information or certification.

You may relax and rest while we handle all of the processes in India. We, at NRIWAY, offer a wide range of necessary Educational Document Services to anyone who requires them, together with our team of highly qualified personnel. We believe we must provide you "Peace of Mind" while you are away from the nation by handling your whole task in India.

Many nations do not allow non-residents to marry without proof of single status. Thus, many Indians must go through various legal requirements to get it. In addition, a lack of understanding or ignorance can further complicate the process.

How to apply for a Single Status Certificate?

Step 1: On the NRIWAY website, place an order for a Bachelorhood/Single Status certificate for the selected area.

Step 2: To get a Bachelorhood/Single Status certificate, provide the following documentation.

  • SSC Mark Sheet

  • Passport copy

  • Address proof where the applicant was born.

  • Aadhar card

  • Voter Id

  • Driving license.

Step 3: The service provider will verify these papers.

Step 4:The Service Provider will submit these papers to the local SDM/competent court in the applicant's residential address's jurisdiction.

Step 5: If any more information is necessary, the Service Provider will work with you.

Step 6: Once the bachelorhood/single status has been secured from the SDM/competent court, the certificate/affidavit must be counter-attested by the State's Home Department.

Step 7: The Attestation Section of the Consular, Passport & Visa (CPV) Division of the Ministry of External Affairs, New Delhi, shall attest/apostil the bachelorhood/single status certificate.

Step 8: The bachelorhood/single status will be forwarded to your shipping address after receiving it from the Ministry of External Affairs in New Delhi.

We at NRIWAY also help you in getting a Single Status Certificate Apostille.

Contact us for any other NRI Document related queries.


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