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Single status certificate- what is the importance for NRIs and how to procure one

NRIs frequently need a Single Status Certificate when getting married, also known as a Bachelorhood Certificate. In addition, when you give a legal or educational certificate to someone in another country, it is frequently difficult to determine whether the document is real or officially allowed. As a result, the government of a foreign nation requires verification that the document you have is legitimate and not counterfeit or that the signatures of Indian officials on papers are genuine before accepting them.

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Importance of Transcripts for higher education abroad

Your current/previous academic institution may offer academic transcripts to verify and recognise the courses you completed and your earned grades.

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Importance of a Single Status Certificate in foreign countries

A Single Status Certificate is a required personal document that must be legalised. The verification of the Single Status Certificate is critical for confirming your authenticity. The native government implements the attestation procedure, which grants permission to visit the country from abroad. When applying for a visa or providing certified papers, the applicable government agency will seek proof that you are an eligible candidate. In addition, the authentication procedure for Single Status Certificate attestation in India is time-consuming and tedious. There are a variety of suppliers who require document attestation till the ultimate one.

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