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Nine things to know for an NRI purchasing property in India

Even though you have been outside India throughout recent years and picked up the status of 'Non-Resident Indian,' a couple of you would, in any case, have plans to return to India and consume your retirement time on earth here, reviewing your adolescence. As a component of satisfying this fantasy, you might need to put resources into Indian land.

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Top 9 benefits of hiring an NRI Property Management Service?

Let us first clear what is property management. It is the operation, maintenance, and oversight of real estate and physical property. Commercial, residential, and land real estate are included in the term property. On the other hand, like any different management role in any business, management means real estate needs to be cared for and monitored, taking in accountability for and attention its useful life and condition considered.  

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Know the score before buying a property in India

Whether real estate market remains degrowing, NRIs tend to invest properties back in India. Most of the policies come into action by government as such GST and RERA has boosted the confidence and made a full transparency to streamline the property buying process.

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The seven best Indian cities for NRI to purchase property in India

According to the world bank estimates, NRIs’ investments in the Indian real estate market touched $13 billion in 2018. This is enough to show the interest that NRIs show in purchasing a property in india. One of the primary reasons is that it is their home country, and would want to come back to their country at some point in time. Another reason could be Indian currency gaining strength against the US dollars, which allows NRIs to gain monetarily. With demonetization promising to boost transparency in the real estate market, buying a property in India is a great opportunity.

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