The seven best Indian cities for NRI to purchase property in India

The seven best Indian cities for NRI to purchase property in India

According to the world bank estimates, NRIs’ investments in the Indian real estate market touched $13 billion in 2018. This is enough to show the interest that NRIs show in purchasing a property in india. One of the primary reasons is that it is their home country, and would want to come back to their country at some point in time. Another reason could be Indian currency gaining strength against the US dollars, which allows NRIs to gain monetarily. With demonetization promising to boost transparency in the real estate market, buying a property in India is a great opportunity. With this in mind, NRIs must be planning to decide which cities to invest in to get maximum returns. To make it easier, we bring you the 

list of seven best Indian cities to invest in India for NRIs.

The seven best Indian cities to invest in for NRI

  1. Mumbai- India’s wealthiest and city, also known as India’s financial city; Mumbai is one of the best cities to buy NRIs property. Despite being the least affordable property market, the rates are sky-rocketing day by day. It is expected to grow even more shortly. The best locations to invest in Mumbai is Thane and Navi Mumbai. The average rates for property here are 9200 square feet.

  2. Pune- Pune is also the most sought after cities for NRIs to buy property in India. It is known for its quality of life. It is perfect for young, working professionals. The city is also loved by people looking to settle after retirement or for a second home. The demand for rental housing in Pune is quite promising because it is a big education hub. It is the most preferred by NRIs living in the UK. the mercers quality of living survey ranks Pune as the best city to live in India and Hyderabad.

  3. Hyderabad- the pharmaceutical capital of India, Hyderabad is also on the top list of NRI investors. The rates of property have been increasing ever since. The property rates increased by 14 percent in Hyderabad while it remained stagnant in the other metro cities. Although the rates are relatively high, one can find a premium property in Hyderabad at still lower prices than other big cities. Mercers quality of living survey ranks Hyderabad as the best city to live in India.

  4. Bengaluru- the global wealth mitigation report states that the city’s many industries will lead to tremendous growth in the future. This makes Bengaluru one of the promising cities to invest in by NRIs. It is the favorite destination for startups in India, being the technological capital of India. NRIs can earn handsome monthly income by giving their property on rent to a co-working space, which is highly in demand. NRIs most favor the Bengaluru real estate market in UAE.

  5. Chennai- another city to vouch for by NRIs, is Chennai. This is the least expensive city in terms of the real estate market compared to the above four cities. This is the best place for those who are looking for a value-for-money market. Despite being stagnant in the real estate market, it has still managed to be on the list because of its contribution to the automobile industry, making it a city worth considering. NRIs living in the US show a keen interest in Chennai real estate.

  6. Ahmedabad- Ahmedabad has also been eyed upon by the NRIs because of the increasing employment opportunities that it is providing. There have been improvements in infrastructure in recent years. The government has also made the city investor-friendly by offering facilities like low entry points, ease in procedures, and incentives attracting investors.

  7. Delhi- Delhi also has a lot of potential in terms of the real estate market. In Delhi, flats dominate the real estate market by 82 percent. People prefer to buy apartments over independent houses because of the price factor and easy renting option. NRIs can consider investing in Delhi as they can earn monthly income from it. 

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