Why Birth certificate or Non-availability of a birth certificate is required for your green card process?

Why Birth certificate or Non-availability of a birth certificate is required for your green card process?

If you don't have a Birth certificate or the Non-availability of birth certificate, then you may face issues with Green Card. Your dream of adjusting status to US permanent resident or green card holder may suffer. 

Before knowing the requirement of a Birth certificate or the Non-availability of a birth certificate let's understand why the green card is used for.

Having a Green Card officially known as a Permanent Resident Card allows you to live and work permanently in the United States.

US immigration agency, the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) looks at the reciprocity schedule published by the department of state in India. The reciprocity schedule says the Birth certificate is mandatory in India starting from 1st April 1970. So anyone who is born after this date USCIS will expect either a Birth certificate or they will expect Non-availability of a birth certificate. 

Usually, Anyone can obtain a birth certificate from the municipality from where the person has been born or any office that is authorized to issue the certificate. 

But if you are unable to obtain a birth certificate due to some reasons then you must obtain what is called a certificate of non-availability which is also issued by the municipal authority of your birthplace or by the local authority with the jurisdiction over the person place of birth. The authority usually has its own format for the certificate of non-availability.


Every state in India may have different eligibility criteria for the issuance of NABC. 

  • An individual who is a citizen of India or an NRI, born within the territorial jurisdiction.

  • The individual shouldn’t have any Birth Certificate issued from any Government agency anywhere in India.

  • There should be a gap of a minimum of one year between the date of birth of the individual and the date of making.

Similarly, the list of documents may also vary from region to region.

Generally following documents are submitted for the purpose which acting as Identity and address proof or birth proof:

 1. Ration Card/Any other Residence Proof 

2. School Bonofied Certificate 

3. Secondary School Marks Sheet. 

4. Notarized Affidavit 

5. Any other supporting documents

6. Passport

7. Nursing home/Hospital Report/Vaccination card

8. An affidavit is also required from the applicant along with the application

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