Why Should You Legitimize Your Identity? Importance of Birth Certificate & ID Proofs

Why Should You Legitimize Your Identity? Importance of Birth Certificate & ID Proofs

Many individuals, particularly poor people, continue to live without identification documents. Accordingly, identity requirements for Aadhaar have been reduced to include them; however, biometric facilities have been provided to reduce or eliminate duplication, so while it may be possible to obtain the card under a false name, it is less likely to get another Aadhaar card under a different (or real) name, though there have been cases where the biometrics has been circumvented.

According to a recent Plan International research, 51 million newborns are not registered at birth. Children may be denied access to health care and education services if they do not have a birth certificate. A lack of acknowledgement and support will eventually make life more difficult for youngsters as they grow older.

  1. It opens up a whole new realm of health care. Every year, millions of children under five die from avoidable illnesses. Unregistered children frequently do not have access to health care services or must pay more for such services than registered children. On the other hand, a birth certificate ensures that a kid has access to medical treatment and the vaccines he or she requires to be healthy.

  2. It denotes a formal education. A youngster may be barred from attending school if his or her birth certificate is not registered. On the other hand, a birth certificate provides a kid with the essential papers to enrol in publicly supported schools.

  3. It has the potential to protect. Government officials have no proof of a child's existence without identification. As a result, the law cannot safeguard children from crime and abuse. On the other hand, effective birth registration protects children and gives them legal rights.

  4. It can aid in the provision of an inheritance. If an unregistered child's parents die, they must legally establish their relationship to receive their family property. However, with birth registration, a kid will have legal confirmation of their familial links, guaranteeing that they receive theirs rightfully.

  5. It establishes a lasting record of one's existence. If a tragedy hits and a kid is separated from his or her family, a reunion may be complicated if correct identification is not provided. However, government officials can safely reunite families and prevent any kid from going missing with birth registration.

In India, obtaining identification evidence is critical since an ID proof contains your personal information, which authorities may use to identify and authenticate your identity. ID proofs are helpful for a variety of reasons, including:


  • Government Benefits: ID evidence, such as Ration Cards, let you apply for and receive government benefits, such as subsidized food, and so on.

  • Proof of Age and Residence: Various forms of identification serve as proof of address and proof of age, which are essential for day-to-day operations. A PAN Card, for example, can be used to create a bank account.

  • Photo Identity: Various ID proofs can be used to prove one's picture identification. For example, when you enter an airport, you must present a photo identity card, such as your driver's licence, to assist cross-check your photograph.

  • Using Government Services: ID proofs also allow you to enjoy specific activities, such as driving a vehicle or riding a motorbike. A Passport, for example, permits you to travel worldwide.

You should aim to obtain at least one identification piece of evidence since getting more ID proofs is easier. However, please keep in mind that there is no evidence of citizenship in India. Therefore, your identifying proofs and papers are solely used to authenticate and verify who you are.

An Aadhaar card is a unique number provided to every Indian resident that serves as a centralized and universal identifying number. The Aadhar card is a biometric document that saves an individual's personal information in a government database. It is quickly becoming the government's primary platform for public welfare and citizen services.

While the government promotes the different applications of Aadhar cards through awareness programmes, there are a few that many users are unaware of. These applications are listed below.

Essential Uses of Aadhar Card for legitimizing identity

The Aadhar card is a card that does not serve a particular purpose. Unlike a voter ID card designed solely to allow the bearer to participate in the political process, the Aadhaar card was not created with a specific goal in mind. Instead, it may be used for various reasons, making it a generally accepted government-issued card without the need to register or apply for a separate card for each of these services.

An Aadhar card, for example, can be used as proof of identification, proof of address, and proof of age whenever identity is needed to be verified.

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