KL University Transcripts

KL University Transcripts

KL University Transcripts  

KLEF was founded in 1980 as K L College of Engineering at Vaddeswaram (KLCE). It gained autonomy in 2006 and was designated as a university in 2009. It is now known as K L University. Following a request from 123 considered institutes that it not use the term "university" in its name, it was renamed Koneru Lakshmaiah Education Foundation. In 2019, it was called KL Deemed to be University. The University has recently expanded with a new campus in Bachupally, Hyderabad, which has been operating since 2019.

The National Institutional Ranking Framework (NIRF) placed Koneru Lakshmaiah Education Foundation 70th overall in India in 2020, 41st among universities, 70th in the management ranking, and 58th in the engineering ranking.   

What is the Need for Academic Transcripts?

Academic transcripts are one of the most significant papers required for admission to colleges/institutions/universities for higher education both domestically and internationally.

The official Academic Transcript is the source for authenticating a student's academic history, such as previous credentials, grades, and the institution where previous studies were completed. As a result, every student must save and safeguard their academic transcripts for any future endeavours.

When applying for admission to higher education institutions, students must upload/send certain papers, one of which is an Academic Transcript. No higher education institution will admit an applicant without an authentic academic document.    

Need for Academic Transcripts to Study Abroad

Academic transcripts are one of several papers that a student must provide to the academic institution while wanting to study abroad.

While various nations have distinct education and grading systems, while evaluating admissions, colleges normally translate the grades/marks received by students into an acceptable format. Thus, the academic transcript is required to determine students' marks and grades for admission purposes.

There are a few things that students should bear in mind while submitting their Academic Transcripts to a school overseas. These are listed below:

  • The document must be clear and readable.

  • The information printed in the document must be in English. In case, it is in some other language, the student must get it translated into English.

  • The final academic transcript submitted at the institution must be official.

  • There must not be any spelling mistake in the transcript.

  • All information mentioned in the transcript must be correct. Candidates must ensure to cross-check it while collecting the transcript from the institution. 

Difference Between Academic Transcripts and Degree Certificate

Academic Transcripts and Degree Certificates are two types of academic documentation. Academic Transcripts are a collection of several mark sheets and degree certificates. It provides materials and information about Class X, Class XII, undergraduate studies, and postgraduate courses. Academic transcripts are made up of all of the marks and grades from all of the academic pursuits.

A degree Certificate, on the other hand, is a single document awarded to a student in India who completes an undergraduate or postgraduate degree programme. While a student may have many mark sheets from different years of study and disciplines, a degree certificate or pass certificate is only issued to a degree holder. Admission to colleges for higher education requires both mark sheets and degree certificates, which are referred to together as Academic Transcripts.

When to Request an Academic Transcript?

After you have completed a test, the best moment to ask your professor to put anything in your academic transcript is after you have passed it. This ensures that you do not have to wait too long for this paperwork to finish your university application. And, because an academic transcript provides a record of examinations you completed or failed throughout the programme, it is generally one of the documents you must present when applying to a university.              


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