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New Bills Introduced in US Congress to End per Country Green Cards Cap to Benefit Indians

New Bills Introduced in US Congress to End per Country Green Cards Cap to Benefit Indians

Two identical legislation are being introduced in US House by top companies such as Google, Walmart, The Heritage Foundation, if passed definitely will reduce waiting time for Green cards for us citizenship. Also, Senate to end per country Green Cards limits.

In the Senate, The Republican Mike Lee and democratic presidential aspirant Kamla Harris introduced a change in immigration act for Indian high-skilled employees- a bill which which would remove per country Green Card Cap for employement based green cards.

Having a Green Card will allow legal laws benefits, security benefits or work permits in US country permanently. According a study some Indian awaiting for 151 years to get approved their permanent status and still pending because of a cap limitation for Green Cards.

In Existing Law, US provides not more than 7% of total Green Cards available to nationals of any one country, even though few of them like India, China are more populous than others. USA country allows a total of 1,40000 Green Cards every year to employment based immigrants, including those who come first here holding temporary H1B or L Visas. Because of this 7% limits for individual country, for example, Indian or Chinese Post-Graduate may have to wait around a decade which is significantly higher than a low populated country such as Vatican City, Iceland etc.


If passed and signed into law, will benefit more than a thousand of Indians holding H1B Visa and whose waiting time for being a permanent resident is more than a decade.

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