Mandarin Translation services

Mandarin Translation services

For many western companies who consider entering the Mandarin market, the language becomes a barrier. Therefore for a foreigner who has decided to do business in China, approaching a Mandarin translation service provider or Mandarin translation services would prove out to be handy.

At NRIWAY, we have an expert team that will help you quickly get the Mandarin Translation services in place.

Translation services for Mandarin

Why are Mandarin translation services important?

When it comes to the manufacturing sector and exporting businesses, China has been consistently at the top of the list. Mandarin market is one of the rapidly growing markets in Asia and the worldwide market. Not surprisingly, with the Mandarin hardware market almost ruling the roost for the past few years, many well-known brands worldwide have shifted their manufacturing plants to China. This is because, be it a computer, such as desktops or laptops; storage media such as hard disks, or peripherals, all are manufactured in a significant volume and exported to various parts of the world. Similarly, be it a large scale or small scale electronic device manufacturer in any part of the country, China has become one of the major destinations as a supplier of electronic components to all kinds of electronic device manufacturers. However, while dealing with Mandarin manufacturers, it is always better to have documents translated into the Mandarin language. In such cases, by taking the help of a Mandarin translation service provider or Mandarin translation company will be a wise move. It is always good to take help from a Mandarin translation services provider or a Mandarin language translation service that can do accurate Mandarin translations. Mandarin text translation or document translation from Mandarin to English or translation to Mandarin from English has to be done because Mandarin prefer to have business documents or agreements in their native tongue. China is one of the nations that choose its native language for communication than another global language such as English. Not surprisingly, for many western companies who consider entering the Mandarin market, the language becomes a barrier. Therefore for a foreigner who has decided to do business in China, approaching a Mandarin translation service provider or Mandarin translation company would prove out to be handy.

How to choose the best Mandarin translation services?

Choosing the best Mandarin translation company can be a tricky task as there are various factors one has to consider while choosing a language translation service. One of the first and foremost things a company has to do while selecting a Mandarin translations service provider is to check whether the translation company has the required calibre in terms of resources and experience to perform Mandarin language translation. In other words, it is always better to opt for a known language translator. This is because a popular Mandarin language translation provider will carry many skills and knowledge required to carry out accurate Mandarin translation.

How can Mandarin translation be done correctly? 

More importantly, translation in the Mandarin language from another language such as English or translation from Mandarin to English is a tricky business. Many language translators find it very difficult to perform it. To make the work easy, some make use of translation software or automated online translation service. This leads to inaccurate translation. Such makeshift work's repercussions have to be borne by the company that had entrusted the translation job to a non-experience language translator. The consequence can be so bad that the entire business deal on the documents may mean something different from what was there on the original form. Still worse, the whole business deal may get cancelled. Such is the considerable risk involved in language translation.

One must not take a significant risk while performing translation from Mandarin to English or translating to Mandarin from the English language. It can be more challenging than translation work in other languages. Secondly, the translation work should be awarded only to that language translator company that has employed translators with vast Mandarin language translation service experience. The reason being, an experienced translator, knows how to do translation work which has a smooth flow and logical continuity. Thirdly, opt for a Mandarin translation company that employs translators who are very well-versed in using multiple languages – be it reading or writing. For example, in the case of Mandarin to English translation or English to Mandarin translation, opt for a language translation service provider with translators who have well acquainted with English and Mandarin language. By greater level of acquaintance with both languages means the translators should be able to write and read both languages fluently. This will ensure that the original meaning remains intact. Besides these, the language translators employed by the language-translation company should be skilled. This is necessary to ensure the translator's words in the translated language have a similar meaning to the original document's words. Also, only a skilled translator, who is well-versed in multiple languages, can maintain the original form's exact style and flow.

How to benefit in Mandarin translation services?

Ask whether the language translation company can provide marketing and PR services and language translation service. Some language translation providers also offer marketing and PR services in addition to language translation service. One doesn't have to run around looking for a PR service provider or marketing agent separately in such cases. Usually, marketing and PR services are given along with language translation service at a decent rate as marketing and PR services are not charged separately. In other words, the scheme provided by such language translators includes a decent rate for combo pack – Mandarin language translation, marketing service and PR service.

How can NRIWAY help in the Mandarin Language translation?

NRIWAY has been in the business of language translation for many years. Not surprisingly, it has become one of the best and reliable players in language translation service – be it any language and any translation. To be specific, International Lingua Institute provides the translation in various languages such as Mandarin, French, English, Japanese, German, Spanish, Korean, etc. On the other hand, multiple types of translation service provided by NRIWAY:

  • Translation of documents

  • Editing and Proof Reading

  • DTP services of multi-Languages

  • Translation of website

  • Localization of Software

  • Captioning and subtitling service

Summing up, NRIWAY is highly committed to the most exemplary translation service to get the best-translated work, which will help you gain the upper hand over your competitors!

Some FAQs related to Mardian translation services:

Where are NRIWAY's translation resources located?

We mainly use professionals residing in their native country of origin who have completed a decent college degree in translation or has the necessary qualifications for the job. Our translators also have been vetted through our rigorous qualification and industry standards for reliability, accuracy and production. Their mother tongue is the target language, and they must efficiently demonstrate their ability to translate within their chosen field of expertise that is qualified by numerous large prior engagements or through having completed a related degree in that field.

What credentials and licenses do you require of your translators?

There is a very rigorous screening process that is put each translator that we contract with through. It consists of gathering a potential translator's educational qualifications, submitting these for review and verification, obtaining the references, and a rigorous vetting process to determine whether their qualifications are genuine. Once satisfied that they are a qualified professional translator, we begin our own testing process that consists of a series of test materials in their language of expertise which become successively more difficult and more specialized to their field.

How is the quality assurance process at NRIWAY?

The final quality check comes into the picture when we have completed both translation and the review. We pass bi-lingual files to our internal and highly qualified reviewers to determine if there are edits needed to work. After addressing edits that reviewers have suggested, we next deliver your project to the desktop publishing and layout team. It is convenient to be able to provide translated documents in identical layout format as the source documents. At this point, you can request at no charge a certificate of accuracy.

How are legal certified translations dealt with at NRIWAY?

When the accuracy becomes a legal issue, we can also offer an added service called "back-translation". This is the process of further validating the accuracy of the translation by passing it off to yet another translator who is skilled at translating from the target language back to the source language without seeing the original source, i.e., a blind procedure. The source document is now aligned with the back-translated source and is delivered to you in a side-by-side format for your comparison.

If some problem arises in a translation project, what is NRIWAY's problem resolution process?

Your dedicated translators handle all project hand-offs. They are highly experienced and are deeply committed to delivering only the most accurate document translations that are possible. They implement effective procedures to guarantee that the highest quality deliverables possible to you. We always guarantee your satisfaction with every project that we deliver. 



Additional Payment terms

Government, Legal and incidental charges may apply. After verifying the documentation, we would let you know the additional payments required for this service.

Cancellations and Refunds

Cancel your order within 48 Hours or if you do not want to proceed with additional payments . 100% refunds with no question asked.

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