Birth Certificate Attestation in Ahmedabad

Birth Certificate Attestation in Ahmedabad

Save a trip to the Department office with our Birth Certificate application assistance services. We at NRIWAY, we provide your Birth Certificate Attestation in Ahmedabad.

Birth Certificate Attestation in Ahmedabad

What is a birth certificate? What is Birth Certificate Attestation?

The Birth Certificate Attestation process relates to witnessing an individual's birth certificate by the authorized person/persons/Departments/authorities of the concerned government with their official Seal and signature. This attestation process also states that the specified birth certificate has been issued by the particular department of which a stamp and signature has to be used. It also proves that the specific Seal and signature on the birth certificate are entirely genuine. 

Birth Certificate Attestation in Ahmedabad Detailed Procedure:

Birth Certificate Attestation can be gained from the issued city/state/country of the certificate. For using the certificate in India, the certificate should be attested from the concerned Home department / MEA & the country's corresponding Embassy to which the individual plans to go. At NRIWAY can complete all the process for you, whatever it may be, whether birth certificate attestation for a person even if the certificate holder is not there in the Issuing country.

Documents required for Birth Certificate Attestation in Ahmedabad:

  • Original Certificate

  • Passport copy

  • Visa Copy

  • 2 Photographs

  • Authorization letter

Different documents are needed as proof of something or the other. Certification and verification of these personal documents are obligated at certain stages in personal and professional life. Certificate legalization is crucial as an authentication on certificate confirms the document's solidity and constancy and your objective's trustworthiness to a country. An Apostille seal on the Birth Certificate is needed when the destination country to which an individual wish to travel is part of the Hague Convention. NRIWAY is known for its great competence and proficiency in offering certificate authentication in India. You must submit documents to us, and we will deliver documents with stamp and signature back to you.

Why does one need to do Birth Certificate Attestation?

Birth Certificate Attestation is done for many different reasons within India, like if the child is to be taken to any foreign nation and parents or for education abroad. At this point, where the child needs admission within the school of a respective foreign country, it is obligatory to present the child's attested birth certificate. It is considered official evidence of a person's birth. Attestation of the birth certificate is also needed when anyone applies for a residential visa in another country. 

At NRIWAY are well managed by a group of young and experienced executives with a solid technical and innovative team. We offer rich services to all the clients for all Birth Certificate Attestation. NRIWAY is the one-stop solution centre for all Birth Certificate Attestation needs.


Why does one need Birth Certificate Attestation Services?

  1. It is helpful for visa transfer

  2. It helps someone get a family visa for their family.

  3. It is beneficial for those who wish to pursue their higher studies in a foreign country.

Detailed Process of Birth Certificate Attestation:

  1. The birth certificate will be attested at the Home Department of the respective city, state or country where it is originated.

  2. After that, the birth certificate of a person is certified at the Ministry of External Affairs.

  3. The final attestation of the birth certificate will be done at the country's concerned Embassy, where the applicant is planning to go, for example, UAE Embassy, New Delhi.

How to get birth certificate attestation done in Ahmedabad? How will NRIWAY help in birth certificate attestation?

With NRIWAY, one can obtain official Birth certificates online for passports, visas, school, employment or driver's license. A birth certificate is the most important certificate for any person. It is the first certificate issued for an individual after their birth, which gives him/her the official documentary evidence and the related citizenship rights. If a person's birth is registered at the time of delivery, then the certificate will be issued as per the municipal office's details. In many cases, the individual's name would not have been mentioned at the time of his/her birth. This makes it even more complex, needing a thorough searching in municipal records with the name of parents and applicants date of delivery. It can be included by submitting the essential documents. NRIWAY will require an authorization letter from the applicant to the representative applicant. We at NRIWAY will scan an image of the certificate and send it via email, where ever physical delivery is needed within India and other cities, save trips and hassle with the help of our birth certificate attestation services. We will simplify the tedious application process for you by providing you with the services and documents you need quickly apply for your birth certificate attestation. With Vital Records' assistance, you can easily: don't have to wait to get the help you need with your application! We are open 24 - 7 and will be there to help you during your entire application process.

How to apply for a Birth Certificate?

Step 1: Place an order for a Birth certificate for the desired location on the NRIWAY website

Step 2:  Provide us with the documents required to get a Birth certificate

  • SSC Marks sheet (Applicant)

  • Passport copy (Applicant and parents)

  • Address proof where the applicant born.

  • Aadhar card (Applicant and parents)

  • Voter Id (Applicant and parents)

  • Driving license.

  • Birth certificate (if Available)

  • Birthplace (Hospital Address or nursing home/hometown )

Additional Details for Birth certificate:

Childs Name (Your Name), Father's Name, Mother's Name, Date of Birth, Birthplace, Nursing Home/ Hospital Name, and Address's time.

Note: Provide available documents to us because, depending on the city, required documents changes. Given is the exhaustive list of the documents used across the cities.

Step 3: Service Provider at NRIWAY will verify these documents and provide the cost and estimation

Step 4: NRIWAY will provide the details of cost and duration to the customer.

Step 5: Customer approves or rejects the estimate.

  1. Customer approval for an estimate

    1. NRIWAY raises additional payment request.

    2. The customer makes the payment to NRIWAY

    3. NRIWAYs proceed with the order.

  2. The customer rejects the forecast.

    1. Customer to cancel the order online

    2. The customer deletes all the documents.

    3. NRIWAY starts refund process (Automated)

    4. The customer receives a refund in 3 to 5 days

Step 6: If the customer approved the estimate, Service Provider would submit these documents to the local municipal corporation office

Step 5: The Service Provider will coordinate with you if any additional information is required

Step 6: Once the Birth/Non-availability of Birth certificate is received from the local municipal office, your document to your shipping address.

Note: Estimated duration is between 15 to 20 Working days. We at NRIWAY strive hard to meet individual customers requirements. There may be a delay to external factors beyond our company's control or some of our service providers.


Additional Payment terms

Government, Legal and incidental charges may apply. After verifying the documentation, we would let you know the additional payments required for this service.

Cancellations and Refunds

Cancel your order within 48 Hours or if you do not want to proceed with additional payments . 100% refunds with no question asked.

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