A Guide to Certificate Attestation in India for NRIs, PIOs & OCIs

A Guide to Certificate Attestation in India for NRIs, PIOs & OCIs

Attestation simply means validating educational or non-educational document either marksheet, Transcript, Degree Certificate and more. The Certificate is useless untill it get attested by authority person. For example, An Employee needs an attested document while approving his/her medical leaves, In case, he/she is unable to submit attested certificate done by authority, will get rejected.

Why Certificate Attestation is Needed for NRI?

Simply a signatory holds authority power to attest the documents to make them recognizable. Generally certificate attestation in India done by Government, Semi-Government, or other legal authorities.
Non-residents of India (NRIs), Person of Indian Origin (PIO), Overseas Citizen of India (OCI) and Indian nationalists would require certificate attestation services at any phase of life.

The authorities cross check for examining photocopies and original copies of certificates. So they perform stamping and a signature for their approval. A person without proper authentication, may be rejected.

Guide to Certificate Attestation in India

In Today Era of time, none wants a long delay in certificate attestation for NRI processing. So most of the people preferences to outsourcing the attestation services. With digitization evolution, NRI Certificate Attestation Process running faster now a days.

If you desire to travel overseas, you will have to apply for a visa. And your permit will be issued only when authorized officials would authenticate your papers. As a consequence, it makes the Certificate Attestation indispensable.

It’s compulsory to get your certificates attested by the experienced authorities in India as well as in the nation where you desire to work. More often than not, you are supposed to produce an attested certificate to prove that you are appropriate for the profession you are being selected by a corporation.

Departments for Certificate Attestation of Educational or Non-Educational Documents

  1. University Affiliation: Your educational certificates such as degree certificate, marks transcript must be authorized by your university officials.

  2. Notarization: You should go to any government notary/advocate to get a true copy of your documents.

  3. State Govt. Stamping: You need to attest documents by State Go.t/Human Resource Development(HRD). You must visit Sachivalaya in Uttar Pradesh or Manatralaya in Mumbai as per different States.

  4. MEA Attestation: After that you need to get attestation from Ministry of External affairs in New Delhi. It will takes 2 working days.

  5. Embassy Attestation: This is last step of attestation. You will have to get your certificate attested from the respective embassy.

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