Non Availability Marriage Certificate - Everything you need to know: Steps and documents required

Non Availability Marriage Certificate - Everything you need to know: Steps and documents required

The Marriage Certificate and Non Availability of Marriage Certificate are required to get permanent citizenship in the United States and other foreign countries. The document specifies that the applicant for permanent citizenship is married in another nation. In other words, it is a required document to verify the link between children and their parents in the event of the non-availability of a marriage certificate in India. After completing a Certificate, it will be mailed free of charge anywhere in India by a reputable courier; however, we will charge for worldwide postage. We employ a recognised courier service for worldwide shipments, such as FedEx / DHL for international shipping and DTDC for marriage certificate non-availability in India.

Documents we need for Non Availability Marriage Certificate in India:

  • Copy of both husband's and wife's passports (front and back).

  • Proof for the date of marriage of the concerned persons such as the Invitation card of the wedding, etc.

  • A legitimate ID identifies the marriage's location (Ration Card/Driving License/Voter ID, etc.).

  • Affidavit from Parents/Relatives.

What is a Marriage Certificate?

We provide marriage registration as an online service. Everyone in India is required to register their marriage, as we all know. There are two types of Marriage Acts: the Hindu Marriage Act of 1955 and the Special Marriage Act of 1954. The Hindu Marriage Act applies solely to Hindus, but the Special Marriage Act extends to all Indian nationals.

Section 5 of the Hindu Marriage Act (HMA) specifies the requirements for Hindu marriages.

  • Boys must be 21 years old, and girls must be 18 years old.

  • Concerned persons must be Hindu, unmarried or divorced, and if already married, their spouse must not be living at the time of marriage.

  • Physically and intellectually, both parties must be in good shape.

  • Parties must not fall within the SAPINDA or PROHIBITED DEGREE categories.

  • Both prospective husband and wife must sign affidavits.

Under Hindu Marriage Act

  • We require the following documents and information:

  • Both parties' identities must be verified. (AADHAR CARD or AADHAR CARD Acknowledgement/Voter Card/Passport)

  • Both parties' proof of age (i.e. Birth Certificate of MCD or 10th Marks Sheet).

  • The location of the wedding ceremony.

  • Residence at each place for a specific amount of time.

Non-availability Marriage Certificate in India necessitates proof of marriage under the Hindu Marriage Act (i.e. Marriage Card and Arya Samaj Certificate).

Following that, both parties and at least two witnesses will appear before the Registrar, completing all of the requirements mentioned above. Again, a Gazetted official or even a PAN Cardholder must be witnesses. Then, within one month after the wedding date, the marriage should be registered.

Under the Special Marriage Act:

Special Marriage Act of 1954 Requirements

For guys, the minimum age for marriage is 21, while for girls, it is 18.

Parties must be single or divorced, and if they are married, their spouse must be deceased at the time of marriage.

Both partners must be in good physical and mental health.

The parties must not attain SAPINDA and PROHIBITED DEGREE.

Affidavits signed by both the prospective husband and wife

Documents and Information we need for Non Availability Marriage Certificate in India:

1) Identity documentation for both parties is required under the Special Marriage Act. (AADHAR CARD OR ACCEPTANCE OF AADHAR CARD/VOTER CARD/PASSPORT)

Proof of both parties' ages (i.e. Birth Certificate of MCD or 10th Marks Sheet)

The location of the wedding ceremony.

Residence at the supplied addresses for a certain period.

Marriage proof under the Hindu Marriage Act (Marriage Card and Arya Samaj Certificate)

After completing all processes above, both parties will appear before the Registrar and at least two witnesses. One witness must be a Gazetted official or PAN Card, holder. The marriage should be registered one month after the wedding date.

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