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NRI Marriage Registration Bill Introduced in Rajya Sabha

External Affairs Sushma Swaraj on Monday introduced marriage certificate registration for NRIs in Rajya Sabha. This bill seeks safeguard to Indian women who married with Non-Resident Indians.

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Non Availability Marriage Certificate - Everything you need to know: Steps and documents required

The Marriage Certificate and Non Availability of Marriage Certificate are required to get permanent citizenship in the United States and other foreign countries. The document specifies that the applicant for permanent citizenship is married in another nation. In other words, it is a required document to verify the link between children and their parents in the event of the non-availability of a marriage certificate in India. After completing a Certificate, it will be mailed free of charge anywhere in India by a reputable courier; however, we will charge for worldwide postage. We employ a recognised courier service for worldwide shipments, such as FedEx / DHL for international shipping and DTDC for marriage certificate non-availability in India.

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What are the types Of Attestations and differences between MEA Attestation and Apostille?

Document attestation is like getting a confirmation for a paper to make sure all the details are right. A special person, usually an official, checks everything and then signs and stamps the document to say it's real. This is super important, especially if you want to use the document in another country

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