Importance of Transcripts for higher education abroad

Importance of Transcripts for higher education abroad

Your current/previous academic institution may offer academic transcripts to verify and recognise the courses you completed and your earned grades. The transcript is usually formatted in the following way by all institutions:

  • Name of the Issuing Academic Institution

  • Accreditation of the Academic Institution

  • Name of the Student

  • Roll Number/Identity of the Student

  • Name of the Degree obtained

  • List of Courses undertaken

  • Marks/grade obtained in all the courses

  • Total Aggregate of the Marks/Grade obtained

The issuing authority must stamp and certify the document. Then, students must file a formal request for their academic transcriptions with the college administration, depending on the institution/university process. You must pay the appropriate costs and submit the necessary documentation to obtain an official transcript. Colleges might take up to 14 days or more to produce the paperwork, so make sure you apply early. You may be required to pick up your transcripts in person from the administrative office at some universities.


An academic transcript may be required for various reasons, including professional, educational, or personal reasons. Most people obtain their academic transcripts when they wish to apply for further education or work opportunities overseas. This is because a bachelor's or master's degree is insufficient. After all, the two documents are only graduation certificates, with no information about the courses you completed or the grades you received. An academic transcript presents a comprehensive picture of a student's academic record and accomplishments to any university or employer.

Here, are some reasons why you may require your original transcript:

  • Higher Studies

  • Visa Applications 

  • Employment

  • Transferring Colleges

  • Credit Transfer

  • Personal Reasons

Academic Transcript vs Academic Degree

Academic transcripts and academic degrees differ in a number of ways. A transcript is not the same as a diploma or a degree. An academic transcript includes precise information about your courses during your programme, whereas a degree announces your program's complete completion. Many international colleges need students to provide these authentic documents in order to get admitted; thus, make sure you have them ready.

Any student easily obtains unofficial academic transcripts. By logging into their official student account on their college's website, they may easily download it. On the other hand, most colleges will only accept an official academic transcript obtained following a formal request to the previous college or university.

Can A College Withhold Your Transcripts?

When applying to abroad universities, an academic transcript is one of the most necessary papers; without this official document, pupils would be denied admission. If you have any financial obligations to a college, such as unpaid tuition payments, a default on your student loan, or library dues, your transcript may be withheld. If your rights or fees are not paid, every college has the legal authority to refuse you a copy of your official transcript.

Can You Apply For Higher Studies Without Your Academic Transcript?

Official academic transcripts are only produced after you have completed your programme. If you are applying for higher education in your last year of high school, you can send a copy of your most recent grade report. Most universities will take a mark sheet instead of an official transcript to obtain the original document.

If you do not send your transcript to the college within the specified time frame, the institution has the authority to revoke your admission and withdraw your application.

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