Ireland Immigration

Ireland Immigration

Ireland Immigration 

The Republic of Ireland has been a popular immigration destination in the last decade. There has never been a better moment to apply for an Irish visa due to Ireland's relatively healthy economy and an immigration system designed to make it easier for highly talented foreigners to work in the nation.
Ireland, being a member of the European Union, does not need people of EU member states to have a visa to enter the country. Immigrants from outside the European Economic Area, on the other hand, will require a visa to visit, work, or study in Ireland.
Ireland's immigration system is not based on points, but rather on allowing migrants with the talents and competence required by the Irish economy to get a visa quickly.

Please keep in mind that Northern Ireland is distinct from the Republic of Ireland and is subject to UK immigration laws. For further information, please read our UK Immigration page.

Types of Irish visas

The visa pages that follow go through the major Irish work visas, as well as the Dependent/Partner/Spouse family visa. If you are a student, company owner, or investor, please contact us for personalised assistance on your specific needs.

Please see the following visa sections for detailed information, advice, and guidance on your Irish visa needs:

  • General Employment Permit: The following visa pages go through the key Irish employment visas, as well as the Dependent/Partner/Spouse family visa. Please contact us if you are a student, business owner, or investor for personalised assistance with your individual needs.

  • Critical Skills Employment Permit: The Irish Critical Skills Employment Visa is a work permit based on a job offer that permits immigrants to work in Ireland in a capacity that earns at least €60,000 per year, or at least €30,000 per year if the job is on Ireland's Highly Skilled Occupations List. This visa can be obtained by either the worker or the employer.

  • Irish Start-up Entrepreneur Program Visa: The Irish Start-up Entrepreneur Visa Programme enables experienced business individuals with an innovative company concept to get long-term residency in Ireland. To be eligible for this programme, you must aim to launch a "new or innovative product or service" to international markets and have €75,000 in start-up money.

  • Dependent/Partner/Spouse Employment Permit: The Irish Dependent/Partner/Spouse Employment Permit permits certain Irish work permit holders' family members to reside and work in Ireland.

How can NRIWAY help in Ireland Immigration

It is difficult for NRIs to get immigration paperwork since the process is extensive and comprises multiple procedures. To save time and effort, they will need expert services for apostille authentication and legalisation. Nriway provides NRIs with documentation services such as immigration documents and attestation services, making the time-consuming process of apostille more easy for them while they rest in the comfort of their own home. They provide high-quality immigration paperwork services to non-resident Indians. They provide exceptional customer service and are available for inquiries 24 hours a day, seven days a week. NRI has competent agents who can assist you in obtaining the apostille sticker. You only need to provide your documents, and they will do the rest. They do it for a reasonable fee and alleviate you of the worry of arranging with various government personnel. Nriway is your answer for feeling as though distance will never separate you from India.  


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