Letter of Program

Letter of Program

Letter of Program


What is a Letter of program?

A letter of program is a letter that might be needed by an external organization for confirming a student has graduated or completed the required requirements for finishing their degree and is qualified to graduate pending final approval from the School Academic Committee.

A student requires a letter of program for the following reasons:

  • To produce evidence of completed qualification to prospective employers while waiting for graduation.
  • To meet admission requirements at various institutions.
  • To meet immigration requirements. 
  • Program completion letters are not needed unless you have a request for one from an external organization.
  • An external organization has requested I provide a course completion letter. Am I eligible to apply for one?
  • If an outside association has mentioned you give a letter of program, you are qualified to apply for one if you have finished your course or will get results from your final meeting.

What information will be included in your letter of program?

  • All letters of program will be included in the following information:
  • Student name
  • Student ID
  • Course Code
  • Award title
  • Campus location
  • Course requirement date, when student records were completed on Univesity systems
  • Session start date, the start of the course as per the official academic calendar.
  • Session end date, end of course as per University academic dateline.
  • Conferral date for graduated students official graduation date
  • The campus location.

The language in which the course was presented, English only.

What are the various types of program completion letters? 

  • Domestic student course completion letter
  • International student course completion letter
  • Graduated students course completion letter
  • NESA approved completion letter for Master of Teaching- combined letter package only available.

How much does a letter of program require?

A letter of program costs $35 for postage inside Australia and postage outside Australia, and it costs around $50. NESA program completion letters are $50 within Australia and outside Australia $65 (this package combines a letter approved by NESA and the initial letter of completion accepted by other employers and immigration).

Processing and Delivery

COVID-19 update: The current health orders and high demand for the postal service may impact processing and delivery times.

Processing your program completion letter depends on the time it takes to assess your application, but the timing may vary depending on circumstances.

Assessment may demand:

  • Three weeks or longer if you order your letter of program before your final result release or the School must assess your student record.
  • Approx 10 working days if you order your letter of program after the release of your final results.
  • Approx 7 working days if you order your letter of program after you have already graduated.

We are NRIWAY to procedure your letter of program as promptly as possible.  

Your document will be sent through Registered Post if your postal address is within Australia or by EMS Courier if your postal address is outside Australia. We will send it to the provided address when ordering the document, and you will require to be present at that location to sign for the delivery.

Please wait for at least five to ten business days for delivery, and overseas destinations may take longer. 

How does one apply for a letter of program?

If you are about complete your course and would like a letter of program completion, you will require to make payment through the academic document ordering system. After payment is made, your student record will be sent to the School for assessment. Letter of program can only be issued once your final results are released, and your School has confirmed your completion status.

Have you graduated already?

You will only require to make the payment through the academic document ordering system as your record has already been assessed. 

How to pay for a letter of completion?

  • First Time Users
  • You will need to log in to NRIWAY and create an account if you are a new user.
  • After you create an account, enter the required information, including your:
  • Student ID number
  • Date of birth
  • Your first name(given name) must be your name when you enrolled at the university.
  • The last name (family name) must be your name when you enrol at the university.

An email with confirmation will be sent to your email address once you have registered successfully. After your account has been generated, you will be able to make orders online and track the status of your orders.



Additional Payment terms

Government, Legal and incidental charges may apply. After verifying the documentation, we would let you know the additional payments required for this service.

Cancellations and Refunds

Cancel your order within 48 Hours or if you do not want to proceed with additional payments . 100% refunds with no question asked.

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