Birth Certificate Apostille in Mumbai

Birth Certificate Apostille in Mumbai

An individual can acquire a Birth Certificate Apostille in Mumbai with services that help in Birth Certificate Apostille. It is ensured that NRIWAY provides legitimate and precise services by interposing clients to approachable staff and supportive service.

Birth Certificate Apostille in Mumbai

If a particular document is intended for use in a foreign country, it must be legalized for foreign service. Birth certificate Apostille is a process in which various seals are placed on the document. The international agreement envisages the replacement of cumbersome and costly formalities of a complete legalization/apostille service process with an Apostille issuing. Apostilles can be issued by a government authority designated by the state whose territory the public document has been executed.

Apostille stamps are issued on certificates, including birth and death, affidavits, attorney powers, marriage certificates, educational documents like degrees, diplomas, enrollment, and secondary level certificates. However, the commercial documents are excluded from the preview of the Apostille Convention.

India also is a signatory to the Apostille convention and has legally designated the same authorities for authentication of attestation and Apostille documents. According to the procedure, documents should be first authenticated by the designated agencies in the state from where the document has been issued. In personal records, the home or general administration department of the state concerned is the designated authority.

In the case of academic documents, state governments have opened some Regional Authentication Centres For initial attestation. Documents that are attested by these authorities then need to be presented to the ministry for Apostilles Service's issue.

Ministry of External Affairs in Delhi of India providing Apostille Attestation for Indian Certificates, Apostilles on academic and Non – academic certificates. Commercial documents are Excluded from the preview of the Convention. We at NRIWAY provide Certificate and Document Apostille Attestation Services for Apostille countries in the Hague convention in India's major cities.

What is an Apostille? What are Birth certificate Apostille Services?

An apostille is a form of foreign attestation recognized in about 119 countries, with most of the Western world adopting it. Apostille is a legalization and attestation mechanism used by several foreign countries ratified at the Hague Convention. Apostilles can be issued only by a government professional allowed to give an Apostille, such as the Secretary of State's office, as per the Hague Apostille Convention, a treaty signed by 119 countries.

How can NRIWAY help in getting a Birth certificate apostille in Mumbai?

For many years, the organization has given apostille services in India. This is a job that experts handle to provide you with reliable, simple, and highly effective solutions that are genuinely unrivalled by others. It is a legitimate Certificates Attestation association that the Indian Government and Embassies recognize for the attestation, authentication, and legalization of all forms of documents (Academic certificate, Birth certificate, Marriage certificate, Power of Attorney Attestation and Affidavits etc.)

NRIWAY Services in India are the best:

  • Proven track record

  • Open and truthful fees 

  • Unparalleled customer support

  • Attestation from a trustworthy source.

  • The method is both safe and reliable.

  • Consultation is given free of charge.

  • Delivery on time.

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  • Services all over India.

  • Highly trained experts oversee it.

NRIWAY is working For The Convenience Of Clients, Candidates, Guardian, Parent, Documents/Certificate For Submitting Original Documents More Easily We Are Planning To Set Up More Offices Near To Your Location. As Of Now, You Can Submit Documents/Certificate By Going To Your Nearby Offices Or Head Office ( Delhi ) Through Courier.

FAQs related to Birth certificate Apostille services:

Is India Apostille Country? 

India is the member of The Hague Convention that abolished the need to legalize foreign legal documents. Apostille is altogether member-countries of the Convention (Apostille is completed for all personal legal documents like birth, death, marriage, Affidavits, Power of attorney, etc.) and some academic documents like degree, diploma, matriculation and secondary level certificates etc.

Therefore, an Apostilled document ought to be treated as an official legalized document for all purposes in India, following the international obligation under the Convention.

Are Apostille and Apostille Certificates the same?

In India, Ministry of External Affairs Division and the CPV Division, based in Patiala House in Delhi, apostille documents that must be attested by the state level from which they were released by the Sub Divisional Magistrate of Delhi, who is allowed to authenticate all the Indian documents, regardless of their state of origin.

Why required for Apostille on Documents & Certificate?

The paper is considered a public document by the law of the country in which it was issued. An Apostille is required by the government in which the document will be used for it to be accepted as a foreign public document.

Does it require any supporting document?

  • Original Certificate 

  • Copy of a valid ID, such as an Adhaar card or a passport (front & back)

What are the documents needed for the Birth certificate, Apostille? 

Authentication or Apostiling can be performed over any document, whether personal, educational, or commercial.


How much time does the Apostille process completing?

This process will take 1-2 working days to complete.

How much is the cost for Birth certificate Apostille?

Charges payable For Apostille Services :

  • Apostille: Charges/fees ? 500 per document

  • Verified Apostille: Charges/fees ? 1,200  per document

  • Apostille + HRD : Charges/fees ? 6,500 per educational document

  • Apostille + HD: Charges/fees ? 5,500 per non-educational document

  • Apostille on the UK issued Document: Charges/fees ? 19,000 per educational document.

  • Apostille on US/USA issued Document: Charges/fees ? 19,000 per educational document.

How long is the Apostille process on a document? 

Apostille certificates are not valid for a specified period. Although the Apostille certificate will have an issue date, it will not expire. In most cases, an Apostille may be recognized at any time after it has been published. A recent Apostille stamp on a document can, however, be needed in some circumstances.



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