How can a nonavailability birth certificate help if you don't have a birth certificate?

How can a nonavailability birth certificate help if you don't have a birth certificate?

NABC is an abbreviation for the nonavailability of a birth certificate. It is issued when a person does not have evidence of birth. It is available both online and at the municipal corporation. Affidavits address proof, and birth proof, as well as a covering note, may be enclosed.


Whether in a hospital or at home, every birth must be recorded and documented within a specific time frame at the office of the relevant registrar of births and deaths. A birth certificate is an important document that details a person's delivery and is used as a supporting document to issue other vital papers such as a passport or an OCI.

If the birth was not recorded for various reasons, the person might apply to the competent authorities for NABC (Non-Availability of Birth Certificate).

It is an official declaration saying that a certain person's birth record is not accessible. Section 17 of the Registration of Births and Deaths Act, 1969, states that the birth record of the specific individual is reviewed and it is not found in the register. It is the legal document that confirms the registration of unregistered births. And, as long as a person does not have a birth certificate, NABC will suffice and is regarded as "as good as a birth certificate."

It is critical to first search the relevant birth registrar office to ensure that no birth record is accessible. Once it is determined that the birth record is not accessible, an application with supporting papers can be sent to the appropriate office. In Delhi, the online approach for obtaining this certificate has simplified the process.

How to Apply for Non -Availability of Birth Certificate (NABC)

What if the individual does not have such proof of birth? What if it was never removed during the first 21 days after the baby's birth? What if it wasn't formally recorded? What if the proof has caught fire or tattered? Life would become a living horror. Getting into a good school or a good college might be a nightmare. You can't even consider acquiring a PAN card, Aadhaar card, voter ID card, passport, or visa. Why? It's because you don't have confirmation of birth.

Its criteria can be met by the non-availability of a birth certificate (NABC). However, it is not an alternative to obtaining a birth certificate but rather essential.

This certificate is revoked when there is no proof of birth, as the name implies. Perhaps the parents were unaware of its significance at the time. It might also be ripped, shredded, or damaged by accident. This certificate is offered to help people get out of strange circumstances.

Which authority issues it?

Inside urban regions: This document lies under the category of civil rights. To effectively address birth and death related problems, each zone of the metropolitan area has a designated Municipal Corporation. The Deputy Health Officer inside Municipal Corporation is the competent authority for issuing this certificate. Also, there are vaccinators of vaccination centres which the state government runs. The para-medical staff of these health centres/ sub-centres emerges in the role of sub-registrar. Therefore, it can also issue this certificate without a Deputy Health Officer.

How to correctly identify the zone of birth to get NABC?

It is required to register the birth with the MC at the nearest place. As a result, the same body has the authority to issue a nonavailability of a birth certificate. However, the birth site might be anywhere, such as a moving car. As a result, deciding which zone to choose is essential.   

Circumstances-based centres to seek NABC:

If the birth happened in a hospital or nursing home, the zonal MC office is the best place to withdraw it if the petitioner was born in a hospital or nursing home.

If the petitioner gave birth in a vehicle: If the petitioner gave birth in a car, he should first file for NABC at the registration centre in the region where the car was stopped.


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