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How rental and lease agreement helps in a successful property management contract between tenant and landlord?

A Rental lease agreement is an agreement that can be used when leasing a house or apartment building. When drafting such a contract, there is a lot of information that must be incorporated, such as how long the Rental lease agreement will be and the amount of rental fee.

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Why an Encumbrance Certificate is necessary before buying a property?

Generally Encumbrance means monetary and legal liabilities associated with it. Certificate of Encumbrance acts as a proof of legal ownership of a property. Encumbrance Certificate tells the transactions of records of a property and explains whether they had any claims. If a property has no legal claims against its title, then a property owner receives a non encumbrance certificate. Generally, banks also demand for encumbrance certificate if you apply for a home loan. Now we know better why do we need it. You can see the format of Encumbrance certificate containing seven fields. We will be discussing each of them in detail.

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Best Property Manager Lead to Resolve the Property Management Disputes

Who is a Property Manager:  Proper Manager is an intermediator between a landlord and a tenant. As a landlord you might hire a property manager to hit property management services in your area.

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