The Academic Transcript Is Different From Bachelor's Degree Mark Sheet

The Academic Transcript Is Different From Bachelor's Degree Mark Sheet

There are many areas of confusion when considering the differences between an academic transcript and a bachelor's degree or any other mark sheet. Both are related to educational history. Even so, if anyone intends to apply for admission to an international business or law school, certain international universities frequently inquire about the two.

So, Let us understand the difference between them.


Academic Transcript


What is it?

It is a complete record of the grades, marks, or scores received after completing the entire course of study at a school or university. For example, imagine someone completing a 4-year bachelor's degree programme in computer science at a university. He will receive grades or marks for various subjects after each session and year.

Eventually will receive a card with all four-year scores on it, known as an academic transcript. In essence, it is a composition of all scores obtained during the degree course and the details about registration, completion dates, study mode, study medium, grading system and explanatory notes. That is why Indian students are required to submit it before enrolling in a new subject at foreign universities.


These are necessary to apply for immigration, higher education, visas, H1Bs, and permanent residency. One should also have it if applying for a WES evaluation (ECA) for a job, school, or Canada PR.

Acceptable Standards

The official one carries the logo and stamp of the university that opted in for the degree course. In addition, it has grades, grade point average and everything that is contextual.


It can be in any regional language, which needs to be translated into English or any requisite language if getting admitted to a foreign university. However, only a professional translator can do it that is certified to do it in India for NRIs officially. Besides, the local university where you studied would translate it.


The university or institution will certify this paper and, subsequently, the MEA in India. It may be apostilled if anyone wants to study in a nation that is a member of the Hague Convention.

 Bachelor's Degree Mark Sheet


The Academic transcript is different from this. A mark sheet is the report card received at the end of each academic session. The school or university delivers it when the exams of the particular session get over. 

It is a summary of the grades received for each session. It is not an official transcript in the US, and this pertains to just grades or scores.

So, the transcript can be considered as a synopsis of studies in the school or university. On the flip side, the scorecard represents the records of grades or marks for just one session.







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