What is a NORI certificate? Why is it needed?

What is a NORI certificate? Why is it needed?

US immigration standards compel all J-1 visa holders to spend two years in their native country (India). When seeking for an H1B visa, which waives a two-year stay in India, J-1 visa holders must provide a NORI Certificate to US officials. A NORI certificate from an Indian Mission or Post in the United States is required for applicants seeking a J1 waiver. Those returning to India should apply for this certificate at the CPV Division of the Ministry of External Affairs in New Delhi. Applicants who live in a third country must apply through their native country's Indian Mission or Post.

Why is a certificate of No Obligation to Return to India (NORI) required?

Anyone who has travelled to the United States on a J-1 visa and applied to the Embassy/Consulate General of India (CGI) to waive the requirement of two years' physical presence in India after the visa period expires would need a No Obligation to Return to India (NORI) Certificate.                       

How can I apply for a No Obligation to Return to India (NORI) certificate?

The Maharashtra government's Home Department allows users to apply for a No Obligation to Return to India (NORI) Certificate for Indian nationals online. You may fill out the form by following the instructions. The government provides an online tool to help users save time. The portal is provided in two languages: English and Marathi, with users being able to choose which they prefer. The application form can be printed and handed to the Desk Officer, Home Department, Mantralaya, along with the required papers.       

Apply Online :

  1. The candidate must register on the website and generate a User ID.

  2. The applicant can log in using the credentials and complete the form as requested.

  3. The applicant can fill out the online application form for a "No Obligation to Return to

  4. India (NORI) Certificate for Indian Citizen" in the citizen login section. Fill out an application and submit it.

  5. After filling out the application, the user will be issued a reference slip or number, which should be kept for future reference.

  6. In the "Track your Application" section, the user may keep track of the status of the application. To track down the application, you'll need an application id or reference number.


Apply Online through NORI portal:

  • The Ministry of Human Resources Development has launched a new portal, NORI, for NORI is accepting online applications. As a result, all candidates can submit an online Waiver (NORI) application.

  • The applicant can generate a user ID and password by going to the website.

  • As prompted, complete the online application form.

  • Please submit your application together with the necessary documentation.

Apply In-person:

  • In addition, applications can be submitted in person at the Home Department's offices and sub-offices.

  • On the internet, you will be able to get information about the office's location and contact information.

  • As directed, complete the application form- Apply with the requisite papers to the Desk Officer, Home Department, Mantralaya, Maharashtra Government.
    Please double-check that you have all of the required documents specified on this page's "Required Documents" section.

  • The applicant must submit the original application, together with the appropriate documents and the fee for various consular services. The applicant must get the necessary authorizations.

  • The NORI Certificate application must be filed with the CPV Division of the Ministry of External Affairs if the applicant is in India at the time of application.

  • After approving all of the following documents, the appropriate Mission/Post shall issue a NORI Certificate to those applying from a third country in which they now live. A sample copy of the letter is included as a "Sample Document" for your convenience in the "Sample Document" section.

  • The bio-data and affidavit for Miscellaneous Services are included as sample copies.

  • The authorities will provide NORI certificates to Indian nationals when they have validated your application and the accompanying papers.

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