Police clearance certificate in Hyderabad

Police clearance certificate in Hyderabad

Police clearance certificate in Hyderabad

Police clearance certificate in Hyderabad - Overview

You and your family members must provide a police clearance certificate when applying for permanent residency or citizenship in a foreign nation. We may request a certificate when you apply as a guest, student, or temporary worker. Because various nations have different rules towards immigration, the PCC will include different procedures and steps for different countries. The procedures for getting a PCC are divided into two groups: those followed by ECR nations and those followed by non-ECR countries.

Police clearance certificate in Hyderabad - Advantages

A police certificate is a document that records any arrests made against an individual, as well as the reasons for and results of such arrests, while that subject was residing in a specific region. If you are applying from abroad for a family-based or marriage-based green card, you must provide a police certificate — given by a police authority — from each country where you have previously resided, even if you have no criminal record in any of those countries.
If you have a criminal record, you may still be eligible for a green card; however, you must be aware of the criteria for applicants with criminal records.
This article will teach you where and how to get a police clearance certificate, as well as what to submit in its stead if one is not available. Boundless also offers a thorough guide on getting court, police, and jail records, which vary from a police certificate in that they are only necessary if a family member seeking a green card has a record of a law enforcement issue.

Police clearance certificate in Hyderabad - Steps to acquire a PCC

  1. Step 1- Registration

  2. Step 2- Login

  3. Step 3- Fill Application

  4. Step 4- Pay Fees

  5. Step 5- Verification by the local Police station

  6. Step 6- Verification by CFC

Who must submit a police clearance certificate?

Only a family member seeking for a green card from outside the United States must submit a photocopy of their police clearance certificate to the National Visa Center (NVC) and present the original or certified copy to their green card interview. (Instead of a police clearance certificate, family members applying for a green card from within the United States must provide police records.)

  • You must present a police clearance certificate from each of the following countries (excluding the United States) if you are at least 16 years old, regardless of whether you have ever been arrested there:

  • If you've lived in that country for at least six months at any point in your life, it's your country of nationality.

  • If you've lived there for at least six months and it's not the same country as your nationality, your country of residence.
    Any nation if you've lived there for at least a year and were at least 16 at the time.

You also must submit a police clearance certificate from any locality in the world (except in the United States) where you’ve been arrested for any reason, at any age, and regardless of how long you lived there.


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