Non-availability of birth certificate-Chennai

Non-availability of birth certificate-Chennai

Non-Availability Of Birth Certificate (NABC) is an official document used if the birth certificate of a child is not available

Non-availability of birth certificate-Chennai

A Non Availability Certificate (NAC) / Non-Availability Of Birth Certificate (NABC) in Chennai is an official document issued on FORM-10 by the competent authority if the birth of a child is not available/registered with the concerned Registrar Of Births & Deaths Office.

Why is the non-availability of a birth certificate in Chennai necessary?

  1. It is a critical document in expediting many foreign essential documents such as immigration, green card, permanent residency, work permit, and citizenship of developed countries such as the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and others.

  2. It is recognized as a secondary document for Date of Birth (DOB) Proof if the applicant is unable to provide a BIRTH CERTIFICATE due to pre-registration of birth, but the applicant must provide a Non Availability Certificate (NAC) along with other supporting documentation certifying the date of birth like-

  • Affidavit of Birth from close/blood relative of applicant minimum five years older than the applicant

  • Matriculation (10th) Certificate

  • School Leaving Certificate (SLC)

  • School Bonafide Certificate &

  • Any other Govt. ID proofs mentioning Date Of Birth (PAN/ VOTER ID/ Driving License etc.).

  1. Non Availability Certificate / NABC is also needed in India for property registration if the applicant's birth is not registered with the relevant Registrar Of Births & Deaths Office.

Documents required for issuing non-availability of birth certificate in Chennai

The following documents are required for issuing non-availability of birth certificate in Chennai:

  1. Proof for the date of birth such as the 10th Passing or SSC Certificate, the school leaving certificate or record document from hospital etc.

  2. Proof of Place Of Birth such as a copy of Hose tax receipt or the Allotment letter or Sale deed for Residence Proof (Optional)

  3. ID Proof with Place of Birth Address (Ration Card/ Driving License/ Voter ID etc.) – Optional

  4. Copy of passport (Front and last page)

  5. Signed Affidavit(s) – Optional

Which authorities are responsible for issuing non-availability of birth certificate in Chennai?

The authorities that are responsible for issuing non-availability of birth certificate in Chennai are:

  1. Urban areas- This document is classified as a civil rights document. Municipal Corporations have been formed in each zone of the metropolitan region zone regions to resolve birth and death-related issues (MC). The Deputy Health Officer in MC is the authorized person to issue this certificate. There are also vaccinators of vaccination centers administered by the state government.

  2. Rural areas- A para-medical staff is also stationed in each village to vaccinate and register births. If the applicant requests it, it may also grant this certificate.

What is the process to apply for the non-availability of a birth certificate in Chennai?

In India, there are many ways to apply for NABC.

  1. The Direct Method entails going to your local MC office and making an appeal to the Registrar or the Health Officer. The registrar will either give you a written application form to fill out, or the urban region zone submits an affidavit on letterhead.

  2. The online method is a convenient way to withdraw the NABC because it saves both time and money.

The following is a step-by-step process for obtaining NABC via the online method:

  1. Navigate to the website of your state's MC.

  2. You must have a voter card or an Aadhar card to register for their web services.

  3. After completing the registration, go to the form titled "Issuance of Delayed Birth Order" and download it.

  4. Fill out the form with the required necessary details and submit scanned copies of supporting documents (the identity proof, the address proof and the aproof of birth).

  5. Pay the online fees for the application after it has been submitted.

  6. It usually takes a week or a month to validate the details, after which the NABC is given.

What is the processing time to get a Non-availability of a Birth Certificate (NABC) in Chennai?

The time it takes to obtain NABC varies depending on where you live. Regardless, determined by the availability of the necessary documentation, it may take anywhere from 5 to 25 working days. 

What is the cost of getting a non-availability of a Birth Certificate in Chennai?

The cost of an NABC certificate varies by region. NRIWAY only charges subscription fees to coordinate with a customer's service provider. When we receive your order and share the information with the service provider, we will provide you with the actual cost of the NABC.

How does NRIWAY assist you in getting Non-availability of birth certificate in Chennai?

Many Indians have to go through several legal procedures to obtain it. Inadequate knowledge or ignorance makes this process much more difficult. We at NRIWAY make it easy for you to get your Non-Availability of Birth Certificate (NABC). NRIWAY is a one-stop destination for NRI services in administrative reporting, immigration, financial, and other real estate accounting aspects in today's world. We provide a team of knowledgeable and diligent professionals in metropolitan banking, real estate, education, taxes, auditing, and administrative documentation. The platform connects you with experts in the specialized area who have acquired expertise through actual fieldwork and sound knowledge over time. We provide a cost-effective solution to your various documentation needs for land and real estate investments.


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