Nonavailability of Birth Certificate- Chandigarh

Nonavailability of Birth Certificate- Chandigarh

NABC stands for the nonavailability of birth certificates. It is issued to a person when the person has no birth proof.

Nonavailability of Birth Certificate- Chandigarh

NABC stands for the nonavailability of birth certificates. It is issued to a person when the person has no birth proof. Nonavailability of birth certificates can be obtained online as well as directly from the municipal corporation. The person can enclose the documents such as affidavits, address proof, and birth proof, along with a cover letter for the document.

How to Apply for a Non -Availability of Birth Certificate in Chandigarh

What if a person has no birth proof? What if the birth certificate was never withdrawn within 21 days of his or her birth? What if the person's birth was not officially recorded? Life would become problematic. Taking admission into school or colleges indeed will become a nightmare. You can't be able to get a PAN card, Aadhaar Card, and voter ID card, Passport, or visa just because you don't have birth proof.

The Nonavailability of a birth certificate (NABC) can fulfill the requirement of a birth certificate. However, it's not an alternative to a birth certificate but acts as a helping hand to get your birth certificate.

As its name suggests, the certificate is withdrawn if there is no proof of the birth of a person. The parents of the person might not be aware of its value then. It must be torn or tattered or even damaged accidentally. To come out of such situations, the nonavailability of a birth certificate is issued.

Which authority issues the nonavailability of birth certificates in Chandigarh?

In the urban regions: This document falls under the category of civil rights. To address birth and death-related death-related problems, each urban region zone has a designated Municipal Corporation. The Deputy Health Officer in Municipal Corporation is the competent authority to issue this certificate. Also, there are vaccinators of vaccination centers that the state government runs. The para-medical staff of these health centers/sub-centers emerges in the role of the sub-registrar. 

In villages: The para-medical staff is set up in every town to vaccinate and register the birth. It can also issue the Nonavailability of a Birth Certificate if the petitioner seeks it.

How to correctly identify the zone of birth to get a Nonavailability of Birth Certificate in Chandigarh?

The delivery must be registered with the Municipal Corporation in the nearest location. Therefore, the same authority has the right to issue nonavailability of birth certificates. But the birthplace can be any location. For example, the delivery has taken place in the moving vehicle. So, it is puzzling to decide which zone is to be selected.

Circumstances-based centers to seek Nonavailability of Birth Certificate in Chandigarh:

  • If the birth occurred in a hospital: If the petitioner was born in any hospital or nursing home, the zonal Municipal Corporation office is an appropriate destination to withdraw the certificate.
  • If the birth of the person occurred in the vehicle: If the petitioner was born in a vehicle, he or she should apply for NABC in the registration center of the area where the vehicle was stopped first.
  • If the birth has occurred at home: The vaccination center nearby the home where the petitioner was born would be an appropriate place to seek the NABC certificate.

Methods to apply for Nonavailability of Birth Certificate in Chandigarh.

1.Direct method: It's an old yet prevalent method of withdrawing a birth certificate. The person can directly visit the particular zone that he or she can select by following the instructions.

2.Make a request: The person has to request the Health Officer or Registrar at the registration office. The registrar might provide a prescribed printed application form to fill. Alternatively, he or she may issue an affidavit on his/her letterhead.

This replica of the Municipal Corporation affidavit will give you the exact idea of how the Nonavailability of Birth Certificate looks. Although its format and content may differ yet all testimonies iterate a similar meaning.

Here is the list of this evidence:

·Letter issued by the Jail Incharge if he or she was born in the jail.

·Letter issued by the Dharmashala/ Boarding house head if he/she took birth there years ago.

·Letter issued by the vehicle in charge of the birth occurred in the vehicle.

·Letter issued by the village's headman/in charge of the local police station if he or she was found deserted in a place.

·Letter issued by an authorized medical officer of the hospital or the nursing home or maternity ward where the petitioner was born.

·Academic records, like the school leaving certificate, mark sheets, matriculation certificate, degree certificate, 12thor 10thclass certificate having the petitioner's name & date of birth.

·State of federal Census record such as the ration card, with the name of the kid and parents that it generally shows.

  • Church records where he or she took baptism within two months of birth. It should state the date of birth, date of religious ceremony, and the name of his/her parents.

  • Adoption decree, if a child is adopted & other legal records of judicial proceedings.

  • Voter ID

  • Driving license

  • PAN card

  • Passport (current as well as surrendered)

  • Statement of two witnesses (maybe can be mother and father, relative, friend, neighbor, or sibling who would be ten years old or more at the time of petitioner's birth).

Their Statement should read details like their full name, address, date, and place of birth, relationship with the person, and the complete information of the birth of the person. Those witnesses have to have direct personal knowledge of this event.

It is noteworthy that the petitioner cannot be the person he claims. His or her Statement would be rejected if submitted.

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